Visual challenge: Who is the most irresponsible mother?


Solve this visual challenge in seconds and discover your sense of responsibility… Who is the most irresponsible mother? Are you ready ? Play!

What is a visual puzzle or challenge?

A riddle or a visual challenge consists in fact in finding a word, an object, a person, an error in an image, a letter…. or another object within a limited time of minutes or seconds.

Indeed, these games are characterized by the fact that they put on the patience, the level of concentration of the people and the test the visual capacities. They are also known as viral challenges, challenges, visual tests or logic puzzles. Of course, these challenges are just as fun as each other.

Besides, these games are a perfect entertainment alternative for users who have free time and want to make the most of it.

Riddles were originally a form of oral, rather than written, literature. “So think about how the riddle sounds when you recite it. Try not to get bogged down in complicated words or overly abstract concepts,” the WikiHow site recommends.

Created to amuse people… Visual challenges have gained popularity on social media. This due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Namely that, because many users, anxious to avoid contagion, stayed at home.

So that’s where they saw viral challenges as entertainment alternatives. Today, these challenges are everywhere. Where can I find visual challenges? On the Facebook and Twitter platforms or on our Leenkus website.

Check out today’s challenge!

Visual challenges have become one of the favorite activities of thousands of Internet users on social networks. Indeed, these tests help them to improve different skills. Including concentration and visual abilities. And for this reason, we present to you an image to which few have managed to find the right answer.

So as you can see in the image below, you can see two mothers in completely different vistas. In fact, one of them shelters her daughter in the middle of a desert and the other keeps her daughter warm in the snow.

Visual challenge: Which mother is the most irresponsible?

So you will have to choose the mother who you think is the most irresponsible. As usual, you will find the answer below. Warning ! You only have 15 seconds to watch the challenge image, you can’t cheat and change your answer.

Response ! Without further ado… The most irresponsible mother is number 1. In fact, this mother forces her daughter to bathe when it is very cold. In the case of mother number 2, she is keeping her daughter warm as the sun will soon be beating down in the desert and with it extreme temperatures.

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