Harry Potter: The Hogwarts Legacy Game Completely Changes That Element Of The Movies

Harry Potter: The Hogwarts Legacy Game Completely Changes That Element Of The Movies

The next game Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy : Hogwarts Legacy will modify some of the cult elements books and games, in order to improve themedia immersion set 100 years before the events of the filmsand that may not sit well with some of the more hardcore fans.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy : promising changes

The next game from the license Harry Pottersoberly named Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy is extremely promising. The latter aims to teleport the player to the early 1800s, when the world is in the midst of the industrial revolution.. We will embody students from the most prestigious school of magic, Hogwarts, and it will be possible to do great things there, as the freedom promised by the developers seems to be great. Move around the entire map by flying broomstick, visit the fully 3D modeled school, all surrounding a dark plot of goblin revolutions linked to a dark mage wishing to destroy the wizarding world. On the gameplay side, all the usual RPG sauce will be present, with elements of crafting and learning by skill tree. Many references to books and films can be observed, such as many fantastic animals or even certain characters whose surnames will be truly familiar to you.

Studio Avalanche, which is currently working on the game for release by the end of 2022, distils kes information on their work in dribs and drabs to maintain the enthusiasm around their game. Recently, on their official Twitter account, they revealed what the crest of the four families would look like, and they are rather pretty! In order to match the aesthetics of the game, these have been modified to match the more cartoonish atmosphere of the game and the graphics engine used. They remain recognizable even if they are much less stylized than the originals, and among the changes we can note for example that on the Hufflepuff badge, the badger looks in the opposite direction compared to that present in the films and books. A detail that did not fail to make the purists of the universe of the most famous wizard of England grumble.

Designing iconic house badges for #HogwartsLegacy was no easy task! Which of our new house patches is your favorite? pic.twitter.com/XAsw3pc9et

May 13, 2022

Harry Potter : new look for a new house

This is not the first time that the designs of the crests of the 4 houses have changed. to match the intentions or technical needs of the media that adapt the adventures of the world ofHarry Potter. These have changed enormously since the first books written by JK Rowking, who had recently won the support of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and to which she responded with a scathing manner. On PS1, the technical limitations of the console did not allow to be able to display as much detail when the first Harry Potter game was released. So the developers had to come up with other versions of the symbols to to be able to preserve the imagery of the four houses.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy will be available on all 8th and 9th generation consoles, as well as PC. During the recent controversies surrounding JK Rowling’s supposed transphobia, the game developers made the decision to allow free character creation, without blocking between, for example, the male voices and the female bodies offered by the software. These changes had already been much appreciated in other games, such as the recent Borderlands 3 and its sequel Tiny Tina Wonderlands or the fact of being able to give a non-binary character to his character had been mostly welcomed by the players.



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