Decoration tip: 5 recycled ideas for decorating at a lower cost


Make a cozy nest without investing too much, it’s possible! Follow our 5 diversion tips to bring a breath of fresh air into your interior. Read on!

First tip … get a cheap headboard

Get, for example, two or three shutters at a flea market. To remove traces of wear and roughness, sand their surface. Then paint them in the color of your choice.

Then all you have to do is screw them in, behind the bed, vertically, otherwise requisition a good-sized pallet. Clean it with soapy water, then let it dry and then sand it briefly to remove traces of wear.

Apply a paint of the color of your choice if necessary and fix it last to the bed, about 30 cm from the ground. Result: an original headboard and an additional surface to put a bedside lamp, alarm clock. How did you find this tip?

Second tip… Customize your plain curtains

Decoration tip: for example, fix a braid all around with fabric glue. Or sequins simply on the bottom of the fabric, small pearls, buttons, sequins…

Also, thanks to textile paint and small stencils, you can make prints. Install the curtain flat on a table, protecting the back of the fabric with cardboard.

Press the stencil firmly onto the fabric, and dab the paint on. For a printed effect, repeat the operation over the entire surface.

What to do with old books?

Do you actually have old books? For example, you can transform them into a planter for cacti and succulents.

How to do ? Select a thick book (the plant must be able to fit inside). Open it to the first page, trace the contours of a large rectangle on the right page using a pencil and a ruler.

Then, with a cutter, start by cutting the page deeply, so as to hollow out the inside of the pages by about 5 cm. Line the bottom and sides of the cutout with a piece of plastic. And finally, place your plant inside by adding a little potting soil. Your planter is now ready! Do you approve of this tip?

Make your own painting

Decorative tip: now, it’s the principle of Swedish painting. Economical and natural, it perfectly covers the wood, inside but also outside.

Follow the guide: in a container, mix 100 g of flour and 20 cl of water. Then bring to a boil while continuing to stir. Then pour little by little 80 cl of water. Once the preparation is homogeneous, pour 200 g of natural color pigments and 10 cl of linseed oil (and 20 cl of iron sulphate for external formulas). Cook another quarter of an hour, and at the end add 2 cl of liquid black soap and leave to cool.

Revamp your doors

Decoration tip: bring your personal touch, in the blink of an eye and at very little cost! First start by swapping the original handles of your doors for colorful or hyper-graphic models.

Give them a facelift by covering them with printed wallpaper or painting them in a vibrant shade.

To do this, simply glue the area to be covered, transfer its dimensions to the back of scraps of wallpaper, cut them out and then apply them, smoothing with a spatula to eliminate air bubbles.


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