Parc Astérix finally unveils the new Zeus briefs

Parc Astérix finally unveils the new Zeus briefs

Last year, we revealed to you why it was time to say goodbye to the famous attraction of the Asterix Parkthe Thunder of Zeusbecause these mythical Russian mountains were going to be the subject of great changes. And it is now done, since the amusement park has inaugurated yesterday its all nnew version of the Thunder of Zeus, bringing along a few small changes to the statue emblematic of the Greek god.

The underside of an attraction

Parc Astérix, dedicated to the world of comics by Goscinny and Uderzo, is one of the most famous theme parks in France. And one of its most iconic attractions remains the Tonnerre de Zeus, the famous roller coaster ride that opened to the public in 1997.

But on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Tonnerre de Zeusthe attraction was given a major overhaul, a project that took nearly three years to see its completion. And as reported, the director of Parc Astérix, Delphine Ponsthus officially inaugurated yesterday the opening of this new version, while renamed Thunder 2 Zeus. She said:

We are all here today to inaugurate the new attraction. […] Tonnerre de Zeus is an iconic attraction of Parc Astérix, and on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of this attraction, we have decided to give it a second life and we have created a brand new version that we have baptized: Tonnerre 2 Zeus. So it’s a new experience that we are going to offer you today: 85% of the circuit has been renewed with a new course, new inclinations, a 90 degree turn and new bumps. We have integrated an immersive tunnel with lightning in honor of Zeus and later, you will be able to board a brand new train, more aesthetic, more comfortable, and for the bravest among you, you will be able to take a seat in the last row of the train where the seats are reversed, to experience the attraction in reverse.

This new version thus offers a new circuit, but also a new train, the previous one being reputed to be quite uncomfortable, and which will allow the passengers of the last car to live the experience in a new way. The rehabilitation of the attraction would have required nearly 7 million euros. But it’s not just the attraction that has undergone changes. The statue of Zeus, iconic representation of the attraction, has also been modified in a surprising way, seeing him change his underwear. The director said:

This new brief was designed in partnership with the underwear brand Undiz. We organized a poll, a vote on our social networks to allow fans to choose the new Zeus briefs, and it was the briefs with ducks that won the vote. This model is therefore on sale in the Parc Astérix shops and in the Undiz network.

At the official inauguration was also present the comedian and actor Arnaud Ducret, who is also the godfather of this new Tonnerre 2 Zeus.

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