Test: Your choice of fruit reveals what you hate most about yourself


Each person has a unique and original way of being. Everything we think, do and say builds our personality. Discover in this test, the character traits that you do not like about yourself.

Quiz: What do you hate the most about yourself?

In life, everything has a purpose. Behind all the interpretations we choose hides the unconscious, but we cannot know the precise reasons why we do not choose another. This new personality test allows you to find out what you don’t like about yourself. Or what you want to change to become a better person.

The image above is made up of 6 fruits. Each of them differs in shape, color, taste, size and texture…

Take a good look at them and choose the one you like the most while taking into account its characteristics. You will find the answers on the lines below. Without further ado, find out what you hate the most about yourself.


Personality test: did you choose the apple? Indeed, the apple is known to be the symbol of temptation thanks to the story of Adam and Eve. Moreover, this color is linked to passion and emotions, which indicates that you are a very intense person in your feelings and that you often feel vulnerable.

When you fall in love, you give it your all and don’t feel like you’re getting anything in return.

Personality test: Grapes

If you chose this fruit of the test, it indicates that you are probably an intellectual and deep person.

Even if you deny it, you still see the negative and almost none of the positive. You think too much before making a decision. And that creates conflict for you.

Personality test: Banana

If you chose a banana, then you are a cheerful person who likes to make others smile. Also, you give the impression of being carefree and of not caring about anything. However, you are afraid of not being taken seriously because of the way you act and behave.


Personality test: Like the orange, you are sweet and tender. In fact, you are too good-natured, confident and sometimes very innocent.

While these are positives, they are often your weak points and, when you least expect them, hurt you. You want to learn how to say no, but you find it difficult to do so.


Test: this fruit represents romance and love. Choosing strawberries means you give your all when you are in love or getting attached to someone.

In fact, you believe in love at first sight and all the rosy romance stuff. But once disappointed, you find it difficult to get over it because you idealize more than reason.


Finally, if you have the last image of the test… It means that you are out of the ordinary, and that you don’t care about criticisms or bad comments about you.

In fact, you are very passionate about what you do. Whether it’s romantic relationships or work. The side you hate is that you sometimes have a hard time bringing out your sensitive side and you make value judgments before you get to know people.


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