Test: Can you find the error in this image in 7 seconds?


Here is a fun activity to do with the family. To carry out this visual test, you have 7 seconds and not one more! You will learn to think differently! Without further ado, discover this test intended for young and old children.

What are we having fun with this visual test!

There was a time when board games actually won all the votes for entertainment during breaks between two meetings or on vacation.

Indeed, since the appearance of the first personality test, we tend to take refuge behind it to have a good time with family or colleagues. Since it multiplies on the canvas at the speed of light… we can even train or provoke its contacts from a distance.

Now you have understood! This viral test family is on the rise. During a stressful word, this kind of activity actually helps to develop the imagination. Why not continue with those regularly offered by our editorial staff? Handpicked, they have the ability to teach you more about your character or your state of mind at the moment T. You will tell the news! So without further ado, the Leenkus editorial team offers you a new one. Are you ready ? Here we go, play!

Visual test like no other!

How adorable is this polar bear! Staring at his comrades mischievously, he no doubt realizes the incongruity of the situation.

Indeed, for their part, the penguins seem a little confused to meet him here and now. Are they perhaps afraid of not making the weight? Moreover, in the middle of nothing, this merry troop begins an interminable journey. However, as bizarre as it may seem to you… This visual test contains a major error. It is so huge that it would probably exceed the length of this famous sheet of ice.

Find the mistake !

Dear reader, feel free to say whatever comes to mind once the countdown is on. In fact, there is no right or wrong answer to this visual test. But in the contrary ! Sometimes it can give the opportunity to have a lot of fun.

Who knows what’s going on in your mind? In any case, one thing is certain. In just seven seconds, the arguments scroll by and don’t look alike! Who will have the last word to solve this visual test? You ? Your colleagues or your children? The Leenkus editorial staff can’t wait to find out the result!

Finally… here is the solution of this visual test

Unlike this new visual challenge which required observation, as there were three differences between the two drawings…. Today’s test is of a different nature.

This one calls on your knowledge of geography. Indeed, with this size index, it should ring in your mind.

And yes ! Moreover, polar bears are used to circulating at the North Pole while the second participants in this image are located further south. You have now understood this. Here, it is out of the question to check the number of legs or the shape of the beak of the penguins.


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