Pokémon: Logan Paul sets a new record with this ultra rare card

Pokémon: Logan Paul sets a new record with this ultra rare card

On April 2, Logan Paul revealed to us that during WrestleMania 38, an annual event considered to be the biggest wrestling show in the world, he would carry the very rare Pokémon card Pikachu Illustrator. The young man of 27 years thus appeared yesterday with this famous card around the neck of an astronomical value.

A necklace that was worth 6 million dollars

Indeed, before this annual wrestling event, Logan Paul Owned This Pikachu Illustrator Card By Spending $6 Million. An exorbitant price which can be explained by its almost perfect condition. It would also be the rarest card that exists in 2022. A priori, there would only be 40 copies.

The wrestler therefore has adorned with this Pikachu Illustrator card mounted as a pendant around the neck during this event.

.@LoganPaul wearing the most expensive @Pokemon card in the world right now at #WrestleMania! ud83eudd11ud83eudd11ud83eudd11 pic.twitter.com/ZnCTZD8ln9

April 3, 2022

A new scam for Logan Paul?

However, although the card is one of a kind, it seems that Logan Paul got scammed again for spending such a sum. Indeed, it is difficult to determine its exact value. Earlier this year, he had spent no less than 3.5 million dollars to afford first edition Pokémon cards which according to experts did not appear to be genuine. As a reminder, last March, a collector had become the owner of a Pikachu Illustrator card for the sum of 900,000 dollars…

Still, even though Logan Paul spent way too much on this card, with the buzz he created by wearing it around his neck, he could still sell it for more.

Finally, after his match, the Guinness Book claimed that Logan Paul had set a new world record with this Pikachu Illustrator card which is now considered to be the most expensive sold at auction by recording the price of $5,275,000 (less selling costs).



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