Visual challenge: Can you find the hidden elephant in less than 15 seconds?


Are you ready to try a new challenge? The goal of today’s test is to find the elephant hiding in the picture in just 15 seconds. We try, here we go… you’re going to love it!

Visual challenge: an opportunity to take care of your brain health!

According to the studies of certain specialists… Alzheimer’s disease can be caused by several things. In particular a low level of training or even chronic depression. But, to counter this disease… It is therefore recommended to maintain your brain. This by simply carrying out tests.

Indeed, you can test real games such as checkers, chess, cards, puzzles… However, there are also a whole bunch of virtual games. The good news ? Since confinement, the Internet has been full of this kind of entertainment and there is something for everyone. Everything is online! Now there’s no need to clutter up your home.

Physical and mental health!

The proposed visual challenge, but also many others, will act effectively on your thinking, your memory and your attention. Indeed, the goal of the game is to stimulate your cerebral capacities.

Moreover, it is often said that it is necessary to do a lot more sport to stay in good health. But we frequently forget our mind. It is therefore just as important to do your brain gym as regularly as your body gym. This will actually allow you to age beautifully and in shape!

Is it really possible to find the lost elephant?

In today’s visual test, here’s what you need to do. It is therefore necessary to help the hunter to find the elephant which is lost in the jungle. Very simple, right? Yes, but you have to solve the puzzle in just 15 seconds. Not a second longer! This obviously complicates the game. Without further ado, check out the full illustration of this visual challenge above. Are you ready ? Play!

Visual challenge: discover the solution to the problem

Visual Challenge: Have you found the elephant? Yes No ? So if you can’t do it, don’t be too disappointed. Above all, don’t panic! Very few participants arrive in just 15 seconds. You can try taking more of your time. However, refer to the image below which shows you the solution.

Indeed, the trap is that you really had to look at the image of the challenge in all directions. To locate the elephant, you must flip it over or look upside down. We show you!

Retry your luck!

Otherwise, even if you haven’t found the animal, we know that most people love this kind of little visual challenge. Moreover, it is a perfect way to have fun alone or with others, with young and old. The difficulty lies, of course, in the time allowed to find the solution. Without timing, there is less pressure and less fun.

The Leenkus editorial team invites you to integrate this habit into your everyday life. You will definitely have a good time and do your brain good. Do not hesitate to go to our Leenkus site, the latter is full of puzzles and tests of all kinds and it is very pleasant.


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