Beauty tip: How to make my hairstyle last for hours!


Tired of combing your hair all the time? Do you want to make your brushing or a tie last until the end of the day (or night)? Here are some simple tips to keep your hairstyle flawless as the hours go by. Follow our advice…

1 / Take care of the drying

Beauty tip: From now on, no hairstyle can hold if the hair is still damp. Before anything else, first start by pre-drying them in a turban or microfiber towel.

Then, use your hair dryer, from root to tip. Indeed, to check that your hair is perfectly dry…. Wait a few minutes with the dryer off, and slide your fingers through the hair, insisting on the scalp. You have to be sure that there is no more moisture left at the root.

2 / Prepare the hair

Beauty tip: if you use heating devices, coat the lengths with a thermo-active treatment, which prevents the harmful effects of excessive temperatures.

And if you want even more volume, boost the roots with a densifying mousse with a tutor effect.

3 / Texturize the hair

Third tip: indeed, spray a dry shampoo or a spray gives material to the hair before attaching them. This actually gives you both the elastic and the barrettes a better grip.

4 / Adopt the right brush

Fourth tip: use a disciplining flat pneumatic brush, for a smooth brushing. More volume? Prefer a round brush with a small diameter and work on small locks.

For a quick and easy gesture, adopt the blower brush, which heats and puts the locks in shape. To be used as a finish, always on dry hair. So, if you are looking to add flexibility, prefer a large diameter brush and work on larger locks.

5 / Backcomb a few strands.. good hair tip!

Indeed, this trick not only allows you to gain volume… but also to create a base for good support.

With a tail comb or brush, comb a few roots against the grain.

6 / Use the devices well

Beauty tip: important! The curler or the straightener are in fact tools to be used as a finish after brushing, and not instead! These should not be used every day, otherwise you risk damaging the hair.

7 / Bet on the cold…. Tip number 7

After styling your locks with a brush under the hot air of the hair dryer, wait a moment and finish with cool air. Indeed, the cold air will effectively fix each movement and make the hairstyle last for a long time. Good trick isn’t it?

Also, with a curling iron, always let the wick cool well before rolling it out. Use clips, to create a “set” effect, if necessary.

8 / Beauty tip: find the right clip

The pin is the essential ally to fix a bun. If you want a ponytail, opt for non-slip elastics. Also, to fix a shell or a wick, then prefer flat pliers. Easy and effective tips.

9 / Rinse your care thoroughly

Last tip: a mask, shampoo or mask for poorly rinsed hair weigh down the hair fiber and make the hair almost uncombable. Indeed, to avoid this phenomenon, rinse the hair with plenty of water. This until it crunches under the fingers!


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