Astrology: Horoscope for the week from April 4 to April 10, 2022


Astrology: Horoscope for the week from April 4 to 10, 2022, presented by astrologer Philippe Crosnier.


Love: You are always up for having a good time, but getting involved is always more difficult.
Work: Your efforts will not have been in vain, your professional steps are about to succeed.
Form: Take care of your mount in this hectic start of spring, your body will thank you.

The sign of Taurus: Horoscope of the week

Taurus: Love: A desire for freedom tickles you. Perfect if you are single, more delicate otherwise.
Work: Attention, the advisers are not the payers. Instead, follow your intuition for an important decision.
Form: A certain fatigue persists but, thanks to regained sleep, you regain the upper hand.

Astrology: Gemini: Weekly Horoscope

Gemini: Love: You feel like you’ve found the perfect person. And it seems to be mutual.
Work: You want everyone to agree with you. You will need to be more convincing.
Form: The efforts made to get back in shape are starting to pay off. Healthy food and exercise work wonders.


Love: Your smile is a weapon of massive seduction. You set out to conquer hearts.
Work: A proposal is made to you. And your standard of living could take off!
Form: Your positive attitude opens all doors for you. Nothing and no one can resist you.

The sign of Leo in astrology

Leo: Love: The Sun and Venus create ideal conditions for a meeting that could take you very far.
Work: Do you think you have done the rounds of your work? Why not explore a new path
Form: You feel stiff, sport and massage can unblock you, so don’t wait.

Horoscope: Virgos

Virgo: Love: You are the object of insistent courtship. It’s good for your ego less for your relationship.
Work: Your enthusiasm is a strength, but be careful, it can also lead you in the wrong direction.
Form: You need a change of scenery to recharge your batteries. And why not a little trip.

Horoscope: Libra

Libra: Love: You react strongly to the slightest remark from your darling. Put some water in your wine.
Work :
Form: We congratulate you on your quality work. Now is the time to apply for a promotion.


Love: By keeping your feelings silent, you create misunderstandings that tarnish your relationship.
Work: You decide to change everything that suits you the most. A new professional life ensues…
Fitness: To get rid of stress and strengthen your heart, walking would be ideal for you.


Love: On the sensual side, this relationship fills you. But you need to share other moments as well.
Work: Jupiter’s influence recedes and your motivation wanes. It’s time to take stock.
Form: The moments you take for yourself are essential to maintaining your balance.

Capricorn astrology:

Capricorn: Love: An acquaintance occupies your thoughts and you are unable to reveal yourself. Cheer up!
Work: It doesn’t matter if everyone disagrees, the right people believe in you.
Form: Migraines can bother you. Only rest and relaxation can relieve you.

Astrology. The sign of Aquarius

Aquarius: Love: The first step is always the most difficult but, once done, it will make you dive into an ocean of voluptuousness…
Work: A new organization changes your working environment and opens up new horizons.
Form: Your eyelids are heavy in the morning. Your evenings would benefit from being slightly shorter.

Astrology: Pisces

Pisces: Love: An intense complicity is established between you and your partner. This harmony fills you.
Work: Meeting the right people always takes time and patience is not your forte. Don’t force fate.
Form: You worry about the future when everything is going well. Be more zen and savor these moments!


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