Beauty tip: How to have a nice neck? We reveal everything to you!


Often forgotten, the neck nevertheless needs to be pampered to keep its youth and ensure a nice head posture. Discover the 8 tips to have a pretty neck!

1 / Focus on good care

Beauty tip: exposed to external aggressions (cold, UV, air conditioning, heating, pollution), poor in sebaceous glands and little protected by clothing… The neck is also subject to many movements which cause wrinkles. Indeed, this fragile zone has few anchor points and, under the effect of bone compaction, tends to relax.

It is therefore recommended to adapt a treatment rich in lipids, in order to strengthen the hydrolipidic film. And it’s even better if it contains draining active ingredients. Such as horse chestnut, algae or caffeine, which help decongest the double chin.

2 / Do not skip make-up removal

Beauty tip: now, like the face, the neck must also be cleansed in the evening! Indeed, it is necessary to eliminate all traces of pigments and, if the skin remained without make-up, the dirt and the particles of pollution which were deposited there during the day.

3 / Do a flash treatment

Would you like to have an express tensor effect? Bet on a special biocellulose neck mask, full of lifting and regenerating active ingredients. Like the famous Centella asiatica. Leave on for 10 to 30 minutes depending on the formula.

4 / Learn to massage it

Beauty tip: in fact, draining the neck helps to revive lymphatic circulation and unclog this area. Perform downward maneuvers from the earlobe to the collarbone bone with the thumb and index finger bent.

In order to facilitate this gesture, you can therefore use a quartz roll-on, a gua sha or massage globes. Also, to plump up your wrinkles, pinch them perpendicularly between your thumb and index finger. These massages stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

5 / Get to exercise.. tip for a nice neck

Thanks to a simple and discreet exercise… Straighten your chin by working the muscles of the neck. In fact, whenever you think about it, stick your tongue against the palate, without touching your teeth. To renew 4 to 5 times a day.

6 / Protect this area.. tip for a pretty neck

Often bare, the skin of the neck is fragile. On sunny days, apply a treatment with an SPF. This will in fact act as a shield against UVA and UVB rays. The rest of the year, do not hesitate to wear stoles or scarves covering the neck and décolleté.

7 / Cheat a little… yes another tip!

Make-up tip: Indeed, make-up allows you to play on trompe-l’oeil and thus give the illusion of a longer neck.

With a large brush, take a little sun powder… then sweep it on each side of the neck.

8 / Stand up straight… The simple trick for a nice neck

Last tip… If you often have a bent back, the bottom of your chin relaxes and therefore gives the impression of a thicker face.

From now on, the more your back remains straight, the more your head is high and your chin well stretched.


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