Without this movie star, Johnny Depp would never have become an actor

Without this movie star, Johnny Depp would never have become an actor

During his trial against Amber Heard, Johnny Depp made new revelations about his life. According to the actor, the doors of Hollywood would never have been opened to him without the help of this star of American cinema. As a reminder, Johnny Depp took his first steps in the industry in the 80s, after having first tried to break into the music business.

This immense actor is at the origin of the beginnings of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp began his career making recurring appearances on the television series 21 Jump Street and by landing one of the main roles in the film The Claws of Night, in 1984. Then, the actor devoted himself to the interpretation of a certain number of eccentric characters, in particular in the productions of the director Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow…). Its most emblematic role will remain, however, that of Jack Sparrow, in the saga Pirates of the Caribbean from Disney.

But this immense career in cinema would never have been made possible without the intervention of this actor. His name is well known. It is Nicholas Cage. For his part, the actor tied with success, around the same time as Johnny Depp, thanks to productions like Valley Girl and It’s hot at Ridgemont High School. He then embarked on a series of dramas and comedies, and won an Oscar for his role in Leaving Las Vegas. The actor will subsequently become the darling of action films, as well as one of Hollywood’s most prolific stars.

An audition that changed a man’s life

Currently, Johnny Depp is in full trial for defamation against his ex-wife Amber Heard. As a reminder, he and she have been accusing each other of physical and psychological abuse for several months in the press and now also in the courts. To shed light on this never-ending affair, both parties were called to testify at the bar. Their whole life was then scrutinized by justice, from the genesis of their careers to their respective friendships.

On this occasion, Johnny Depp made revelations about these beginnings in Hollywood. He explained that while he was trying to make ends meet, playing in bands and chaining the little birches, he met Nicolas Cage. It is the actor who will then propel him into the world of cinema, by suggesting that he meet his agent in order to obtain an audition.

The rest, we know. Johnny Depp will land the role that will mark the beginning of his career, in The Claws of Night. Today, the actor is in turmoil, following accusations by Amber Heard who describe him as a violent man. This also led to his ousting from the franchise. Fantastic Beasts, which currently seems to be floundering. Since then, he has been discreet on our screens…


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