Visual test: Can you tell if the image is static or moving?


Can you tell if the image is static or moving? This visual test will effectively let you know if you are creative or analytical. Give free rein to your imagination and your mind to discover how your brain works.

The optical illusion!

To corroborate the acuity of your eyes and keep your mind exercised… A visual test is one of the best tests. Indeed, the optical illusion therefore serves to activate different areas of our mind, the unconscious and intelligence. This one plays besides with the two parts of our brain.

Optical illusions are not subject to will. They may therefore vary from person to person. This depends on factors such as visual acuity, campimetry, color blindness, astigmatism, among others.

A psychological or cognitive illusion!

An optical illusion is an illusion of the sense of vision and causes us to perceive reality in different ways. It can actually be physiological in nature, associated with the effects of overstimulation of the eyes or brain, or cognitive in nature, involving our knowledge of the world.

Also, the perception will then be evaluated by means of this visual test. The latter is an indicator of visual function for a constant distance from the object. If the patient sees a small letter clearly, however, he has better visual acuity than another patient who cannot see it.

A test like no other!

The visual test that we present to you today shows that the right hemisphere of our brain is responsible for non-verbal expression. Also of spatial perception or orientation and emotional behavior.

So, according to studies… People whose dominant hemisphere is the right hemisphere study, think, remember and learn in pictures, as if it were a movie without sound. These people are also very creative and have a highly developed imagination.

Which hemisphere of your brain do you use the most?

On the other hand, by means of this optical illusion, studies show that the left hemisphere is linked to the verbal part, to the capacity for analysis, to the capacity for logical reasoning, to abstractions, to the resolution of numerical problems and the ability to learn theoretical information.

By the way, that’s why this visual test will reveal which hemisphere of your brain is the one you use the most. This simply by viewing the image below: is it static or in motion?

Visual test: the complete picture!

The result of the optical illusion visual test is: So if you then think you saw the test image in motion…. This probably means you are using the right side of your brain more. Also, it means that you are a dreamy and creative person.

However, if you think you’ve seen the static picture…then you’re likely using the right side of your brain more. According to this test, you are a logical and analytical person.

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