Viral test: What grabs your attention says a lot about you!


Viral test: the first thing that catches your eye will reveal particular traits of your personality. You just need to look at the image of the psychological test. Are you ready ?

personality test

The Leenkus editorial staff is used to publishing this type of personality test daily to allow you to discover yourself without too much difficulty. It’s very simple, so all you have to do is look at the image of the test that we attach and tell us, it’s the first thing you noticed. Indeed, each response reveals how our mind behaves when faced with certain stimuli.

Look very carefully, but without prejudice. Be prepared to read unexpected answers in the rest of this article. The first image you see can now reveal particular traits of your personality.

Personality test: a man!

Did you see a man first in the test? You are probably a very distracted person. So you have a lot of energy and vitality. You are always thinking of new projects to carry out, however, fear paralyzes you and prevents you from carrying them out.

People who don’t know you see you as a very cold individual. The truth is that you don’t show yourself as you are in front of everyone for fear of getting hurt.

Personality test: a demon!

If you saw a demon in the test, it’s because you stand out for your frankness when you say things. Indeed, you have no problem speaking your mind, even if it often leads to fights.

Thus, you hate confinement and love nature. You don’t like being told the way to go or given orders.


Did you see a fish before anything else in the test? You are probably a very nice person.

Indeed, you are very clear about what you want in life. You don’t need to show anyone what you are capable of or show off your strengths. Your goal in life? Succeed no matter what it costs you or what you lose along the way.


Personality test: you are committed and loyal in everything you do. Very overprotective, you cannot bear to see your loved ones suffer. Thus, you are stubborn and when something crosses your mind, it is difficult to change your mind.


Personality test: You may be a very confident person. You don’t like wasting time on things that don’t make sense. Thus, you distinguish yourself by your energy and your courage. You are a great avenger and want everyone to get what they deserve.


Did you see a snake first in the test? You then distinguish yourself by the practical spirit with which you resolve conflicts. Besides, if there’s one thing you’re not afraid of, it’s the unknown. Thus, you treat others the way you like to be treated. Very calm and peaceful, you prefer to avoid conflicts and negative people in your life.


Finally, if you saw a snail first in the test, you can’t stand hypocritical people. You like to listen to those who need it. Also, very intuitive, you are very good at giving advice, as you are objective and very frank. You are not easily knocked down by the obstacles in your way.


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