Personality test: Find out if you have narcissistic traits!


In this article, the Leenkus editorial staff shows you a personality test that will help you find out if you have narcissistic traits. Indeed, this test will not give any specific diagnosis. But will however indicate the slight characteristic traits of narcissism that we have in us. It’s simple ! You have to look at the image below and select the first thing that catches your eye and then find out the meaning. Are you ready ?

Personality test: have you identified the woman?

If you first saw the woman while looking at the test image… So your most narcissistic personality trait is the importance you place on physical appearances.

Indeed, you are not completely vain, and you do not always judge others on their appearance. But it’s more of something you do when you feel out of place, stressed or even cornered.

So, although you know deep down that superficial things don’t matter… You can’t help but pay close attention to the appearance of yourself and others when you’re feeling down. ‘easy.

Personality test: have you identified the river?

So, you saw a river first in the test? Perhaps your most narcissistic personality trait is your focus on social status.

Although you know that the quality of your relationships with others matters more than anything… You may find it difficult to abandon your professional activities to focus on your loved ones.

Indeed, according to you, the social status of individuals can mean much more than how they treat you or others.

This is something you should now keep in mind in the future. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with admiring those who set goals and achieve them… Life isn’t all about big salaries and titles.

The bridge

Personality test: if you identified the bridge first… Your most narcissistic personality trait is lack of empathy.

Indeed, you are not a cold person, and this lack of empathy does not mean that you are some kind of villain incapable of feeling anything.

Capable of great depth of feelings… However, being aware of someone else’s feelings is not always the first thing you seek.

The boat

Finally, if you have indeed identified a boat, it reveals that the most narcissistic personality trait is probably your sense of smugness.

In fact, you must be ready to put aside your ego and, at times, rely on the abilities of others, in order to succeed and be happy in life. This is why it is so important to have a social network to turn to when needed.

You don’t need to make your life that much harder by assuming you’re the only one with the skills to do any job.

So, you are probably an extraordinary individual, and no one doubts it! However, you are not a superhero.


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