Stranger Things, season 4: this dead character could return according to these clues from the trailer

Stranger Things, season 4: this dead character could return according to these clues from the trailer

On May 27, fans of Stranger Things will finally be able to discover season 4 of the series, part 1. The ultimate trailer unveiled by Netflix tease many twists, such as the potential return of this dead character.

Stranger Things season 4: what to expect?

After three years of waiting, Stranger Things is finally back! The first part of season 4 of the Duffer brothers fiction will be online May 27 on the Netflix catalog. The opportunity to find Mike, Eleven, Dustin and the others, six months after the events of the last season. As we could see in the latest trailer unveiled by the streaming giant, Sheriff Hopper, dead for all to see, is currently locked up in a Russian prison alongside a certain bloodthirsty Demogorgon ! Little Eleven is now deprived of her powers, but if we are to believe the clues revealed in the trailer, she could submit to new experiments to find them. big surprise, Max is endowed with supernatural abilities.without anyone currently understanding how it happened.

Max and Billy Hargrove story more widely explored?

Max Hargrove’s story arc should be more widely explored in future episodes, just like that of his brother, Billy, dead at the end of season 3 of Stranger Things. If the latter was killed by the Mind Flayer (Mind Flayer in VO), the clues present in the trailer nevertheless suggest that the character could return within the plot of season 4. First, Max’s brother inherits an episode centered on his story titled “Dear Billy”. It will certainly allow us to explain why and how he and his sister found in Hawkinswhich may also help to understand why Max is now endowed with powers.

These clues that tease the potential return of Billy in season 4

Billy was portrayed primarily as an antagonist to the band of friends of Stranger Things, but his final appearance in Season 3 left fans wanting more. Who is he really and why did he get close to the Mind Flayer? This intrigue will certainly be explored in the next episodes since an image of the trailer shows Max meditating in front of his grave. In the soundtrack, we can recognize the music SSeparate Ways of the Journey group. What are youease the potential survival of Billy Hargrove, who may actually still be hidden within the Upside Down.

For now, there is no official indication that Dacre Montgomery will reprise his role as Billy in season 4 of Stranger Thingsfor scenes of flashbacks or for a comeback in the flesh. However, the multiple clues uncovered in the latest trailer have not been incorporated for no reason. It is almost certain that Billy’s story in the Netflix series isn’t over yet… However, we will be clear about it from May 27th.


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