Test: Choose a feather and discover your hidden personality


If we had to choose between different looks, shapes and colors… We couldn’t always choose the same ones. Choose a feather from the test image and find out what is behind each number.

Personality test: feather number 1

Did you prefer the first quill of the test? This choice actually describes you as an imaginative person, with a strong and marked character. It is associated with personal efforts and achieving goals.

Also, very strong, you are someone with a way of being that we sometimes see as authoritarian. But what really touches you is efficiency and the search for perfection through hard work. If you don’t realize what you are offering, you can sometimes be disappointed or upset. However, you always know how to pull a little more strength to keep going until you get what you want.

Personality test: feather number 2

According to this test, your capacity for renewal is your greatest virtue. Indeed, you are a person with a high learning capacity. That’s why it’s so easy to learn anything you want. For example, from complex studies to simple tricks.

Besides, it also makes you prone to loneliness. Because it is now your best way to reconcile your desire to learn. Also, it is easy for you to break down when faced with a lack of personal relationships. However, eventually, the people who love you will know how to support you and be by your side. This no matter what happens.

Personality test: feather number 3

Endowed with a great capacity to undertake all kinds of plans and projects…. Sometimes, you are guided more by the interest of multiple simultaneous actions than by their realization. Because your maximum interest is to feel active, in motion. This regardless of direction or reason.

You also know the pleasure of the activity and the work itself, and you value the journey more than the destination itself.

feather number 4

While the other feathers seek to achieve objectives… By choosing this feather from the test, you are looking for a common interest. Also, you always try to help your neighbor. Because with him you will end up gaining allies and you will feel much better.

For you, if the road is full of people, you will cross it making it much happier and more bearable. Indeed, the only problem lurking in this attitude is that you will end up losing your own way.

feather number 5

This feather allows you to grow in your own interior. According to this test, you are probably a person with a strong productive and creative character. This allows you to stand out in one way or another in the different expressions of art.

Sometimes you should trust yourself more. Because if you succeed, you will be able to convince others of your worth and you will obtain your own form of success.

feather number 6

A little different from the rest… according to this test, you are a complete person. Indeed, you do not rely on anyone to achieve your goals. Autonomous, you always manage to do it in the most efficient way possible. Which doesn’t make you unsociable because your marked character turns out to be a weapon that others tend to associate with something positive.

Try to leave some time for cultivating friends, even if you don’t depend on their less productive lives.


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