Dragon Ball Super: this sexual joke from the manga will be censored in the anime

Dragon Ball Super: this sexual joke from the manga will be censored in the anime

“The balls are gone!” I’humor in the Licence dragonball is also what makes the charm of manga and some series. Although he is a bit gravelly sometimes it’s still at an understandable level for children, whether in the manga, or in the cartoon. Yet, in Dragon Ball Superthere is one that may not pass the censorship…

Dragon Ball Super : A joke too schoolboy?

dragonball is undoubtedly theone of many people’s favorite manga licensesmainly becausethey discovered the series when they were young, and that it now continues to exist through its sequel Dragon Ball Super. For now, the parallel we could draw would be narutowith the sequel Boruto currently on air. These works evolve with their authors who offer us child characters, then adults for our greatest pleasure. These mangas are also famous for their humor, which is -it must be admitted- really schoolboy, and some jokes present in the manga are sometimes inappropriate for a young audiencethen unfortunately we have to do without it.

And Dragon Ball Super is no exception to the rule. The continuation of the adventures of Goku and Vegeta divides the fans enormously, whether on the story, the animation or even its characters, with the new appearance of Vegeta which leaves no one indifferent. And on top of that, those who only follow the adventures via the anime probably won’t even get one of the manga’s best jokes. In Akira Toriyama Chapter 67, Goku, Vegeta and the rest of Earth’s Z-Fighters celebrate Goku’s victory over the world-threatening villain Moro. The latter had merged with Earth after absorbing the source of Ultra Instinct and his body was too weak to store all that power. During the fight, Goku realized that if he dies, the planet dies. To avoid this, he had to destroy the gem on his forehead containing his source of life. By getting rid of Moro, Goku saves the cosmos and many of them want to come and thank him, starting with the Galactic King.

– Goku, thank you for killing Moro.
– No problem !
– You’re squeezing my “thing”, you know that, don’t you?

A not very modest Galactic king

When Goku launched his attack against Moro the first time, it was becausehe was recruited by the galactic patrol, making him a cosmic policeman. After arresting the criminal on the loose, the Galactic King presents him with a medal himself, and in his excitement, Goku vigorously grabs one of his tentacles in appreciation. Corn this tentacle is nothing but his penis… The king will point it out to him afterwards. A very funny joke at the time but which may not be present in the anime. Due to the phallic aspect of the tentacles, it will be difficult to explain this to children, since the joke is both visual and audible, where normally most gritty references are more subdued or can pass over them without their understanding.

The inappropriate joke and corresponding visual make the issue a bit too big for the intended audience. To be sure, you will have to take your troubles patiently since there is no date scheduled for the resumption of the anime Dragon Ball Super, even if rumors seem to agree to say that the resumption of the series will be done in 2023, it is better not to rely too much on it. On the other hand, you can fall back on the next film to be released: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero which will explore androids a bit more and return to the Red Ribbon Army. We talk about it in more detail in our article right here.


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