DC: Superman Lost To Doomsday For This Ridiculous Reason

DC: Superman Lost To Doomsday For This Ridiculous Reason

Over the years, the popularity of Superman did some Super hero a true icon of popular culture, all over the world. The character is known for his powers out of the ordinary, but also for its formidable enemies. Superman then lived many extraordinary adventures through his various stories, and it would seem that some of them are more funny than fans could think of.

the revisited version of harley quinn

While Superman’s tragic defeat by Doomsday is one of the most iconic battles in DC Comics history, another look at the fight seems to suggest that Superman would have lost for a rather unexpected reason. At least that’s what one version of the story claims, and given the specific abilities of the Man of Steel, it seems almost too likely to discredit.

In the comics Harley Quinn & The Birds of Prey #1, released in February 2020 and directed by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, Harley Quinn dreams of her recent vacation in the tropics with Poison Ivy, where we find Superman in the role of personal waiter. In this dream, Superman performs the service for them in exchange for information about his friend Jimmy Olsen. Meanwhile, Harley and Ivy discuss Superman’s powers, real or totally made up.including one that would have led to the temporary death of the superhero.

When Harley Quinn claims that Superman can shoot “love rays” from her eyes, the Man of Steel corrects her by explaining that her two optical powers are heat and x-ray vision. The superhero then expanded on his x-ray vision ability as well as how it has been more of a hindrance than a help in the past.. He said:

There was that time I fought Doomsday. He was at an awkward angle and…well, he definitely took over. And I’m just… dead.

Superman was apparently taken aback by the unwanted sight private parts of Doomsday and because of that, Doomsday got his famous victory.

Although this scene comes from Harley Quinn’s subconscious and therefore is completely made up, one can wonder if this really happened. Harley Quinn has proven to be an unreliable storyteller in the past, but she has the ability to break the fourth wall and thus give fans a glimpse of the world of comics that they wouldn’t normally have. Additionally, Superman’s x-ray vision allows him to have clear visual access to every corner of Doomsday’s body, potentially making the prank possible.

This somewhat unexpected take on a battle that redefined Superman’s character may be wrong, but the mounting evidence could prove otherwise. With Harley Quinn’s power to speak directly to fans, this dream could be her way of telling readers what really happened during the battle the most famous and devastating of Superman. While fans will never really know if this is true or not, some will be satisfied with the fact that it remains possibleand the possibility that Superman lost to Doomsday because he was distracted by the sight of his private parts is indeed, more than comical.


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