Clothing: Find out how to de-crease it without an iron!


You don’t have an iron? Discover these 8 tips for wrinkle-free clothes, without going through the ironing box. Follow the leader !

1) Steam from a shower to smooth out your clothes

Would you like to straighten a garment without going through the iron step? From now on, nothing is simpler than your bathroom.

Indeed, after a good hot shower, place the garment in question on a hanger. Then let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes while closing your bathroom door tightly. And now, voila !

However, if there are a lot of wrinkles on your shirt, just lay it next to your shower while you wash it to let the steam run for longer to make your life easier.

2) Spray water to make creases disappear

Your favorite sweater still has a few creases? Do not panic ! Take a spray bottle filled with water and spray a few drops on the garment. Then let air dry. Quick and above all effective tip.

3) The straightener for wrinkled garment collars and sleeves

Your closet is full of shirts and blouses. Problem ! The collars and sleeves of your clothes often suffer from unsightly wrinkles.

So to make them disappear, use your hair straightener! Clean it beforehand and just use it on these parts (collars and sleeves).

However, as with the hair, do not press too long with the plates. You risk burning the part in question.

4) The hair dryer to get rid of creases in damp clothes

Always with hair accessories. This time with the hair dryer! Place your damp garment on a hanger and aim your hair dryer about 2-3 cm from the fabric to smooth it out as it dries.

5) The amazing rolling pin and mat combo

A strange trick… but nevertheless, it works! Wrap your garment around a rolling pin. Then put your roll under a mattress and unroll it after a few hours.

Indeed, the roller thus stretches the fabric and the weight of the mattress will smooth out the folds! Note: This trick works great for thin pieces.

6) Make homemade fabric softener

Also, in order to overcome all the bad folds… You can make a homemade fabric softener. For this, you will then have to use the remains of your usual fabric softener, 1/3 will be enough.

Mix everything with 1/3 white vinegar and 1/3 water. Then spray the mixture on your wrinkled garment, stretch the fibers of your pants a little and let air dry.

7) Use steam from boiled water in a pan

From now on, water vapor is the best ally to overcome creases. It’s simple, fill a large pot with water and let it boil.

Above the latter, hang the garment, while being careful that it does not fall into the water. Finally, let it act for about fifteen minutes and the steam takes care of everything.


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