Successful roast chicken? the secret to golden, crispy skin?


What’s better than a successful roast chicken? But do you know the secret ingredient that gives you golden, crispy skin? This is the trick that we pass from mother to daughter in the privacy of the kitchen. Read on…

It’s up to you to cook!

Cooking a juicy, golden and crispy roast chicken is now very simple! Yes, it is therefore possible to prepare, at home, a tasty chicken with a very simple oven! If you have just prepared a meal, we invite you to discover our unstoppable trick to make it golden and crispy.

To have a nice golden and crispy chicken, you have to rub it with lemon! Indeed, this miracle ingredient definitely has more than one trick up its sleeve. First, you will of course have bought a good quality Red Label, organic chicken…

Warning ! Useless, even dangerous, to pass it under water. Place it directly in the dish. Then, wipe it carefully with a towel so that there is no more moisture on the surface.

Now that’s where the lemon comes in. Cut half a lemon and rub all the poultry with it. Then squeeze the citrus a little to extract the juice and massage carefully to make it penetrate. Indeed, this operation will allow you to have a roast chicken with a very crispy skin.

Tips for crispy roast chicken… The right oven temperature

Baked chicken must be cooked through, like all white meats! In fact, to avoid stiffening its flesh, start cooking in a cold oven.

It is a question of putting the chicken rubbed with lemon and seasoned in the oven and then turning on the oven. Moreover, if you have the time, the best of the best is to launch a gentle and long cooking, at 140°C. This for at least one hour per 500 g of meat. Watch your chicken carefully during this operation so as not to burn it.

Well browned chicken, well watered chicken

Would you like to have a very tender but also crispy chicken? Chefs therefore recommend basting it regularly with the juice released during cooking.

Moreover, to be sure to have juice… Pour a small glass of broth into the dish when you put your poultry in the oven. Think pears or juice pipettes, very convenient. However, so that the skin can dry out and become crispy… Stop basting at the end of cooking.

Mandatory watering!

So, to brown the bust in the oven… Baste it regularly with the cooking juices at the bottom of the dish. In fact, that’s the secret to having the crispiest poultry possible.

Once it’s grilled properly, the chicken is turned over to roast the back. Don’t forget to water it once in a while too.

By following these little tips from the chefs, you should have a chicken that is very tender inside and browned to perfection. A meal to be served with steamed vegetables, rice or a few fries… It makes your mouth water just thinking about it!


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