Beauty tip: How to be hot when you wake up?


The body repairs itself during sleep. And if you help him with dedicated care? Here are 5 beauty tips to do at night to look hot when you wake up. Follow the leader !

Beauty tip 1: I plump up my skin

Thanks to the famous “sleeping mask”, the anti-fatigue bomb from Korea. Indeed, instead of the usual night care, the sleeping mask is applied in the evening. Its water-soaked, ultra-fresh and light gel texture envelops the skin to form a protective layer that optimizes the penetration of its active ingredients.

How to do ? It’s very simple ! So just leave it on like a mask once or twice a week and rinse it off when you wake up to benefit from its benefits. No more crumpled mornings, long live rested features!

Beauty tip 2: I restore radiance to my complexion

With an express peeling carried out at night, when the skin takes advantage of the respite in its fight against UV rays, pollution or stress to regenerate and be ready to defend itself again when you wake up.

The secret of these nocturnal exfoliants? A precise dosage of fruit acids developed to rid the skin’s surface of impurities and sebum, dead cells. It thus makes it possible to accelerate desquamation, and therefore epidermal renewal.

As a bonus, they also stimulate collagen synthesis to plump up the skin and make it look clearer and smoother. Good trick, isn’t it?

I refine my silhouette

Tip 3: it has long been believed that by sleeping at night, the body burns less energy and stores fat more easily. An observation that is now nuanced by the discovery of chronobiology: the study of our internal biological rhythms.

Indeed, the discipline has shown that the blood flow was greater during the night, at rest, which thus increases body temperature and accelerates metabolic reactions.

Another reason to apply your refining cream before going to bed? Moreover, at night, insulin, which manages the reserves of carbohydrates and fatty acids, no longer circulates in the blood. As long as you accompany your treatment with a light meal, the body will then draw on its reserves to maintain its temperature. With, the key, a thinning linked to destocking.

I enhance my hair

So, a good tip for sublime hair? A restorative mask rich in vitamins and amino acids, capable of hydrating the fiber, smoothing the scales and nourishing it in depth.

To use ready to use or to compose yourself. Ingredients ? Mix several vegetable oils such as nourishing avocado and argan, balancing jojoba or fortifying castor oil.

Before going to bed, apply this mixture from the scalp to the tips, massaging to make it penetrate well.

So, to optimize them, wrap your hair in a towel and heat it with a hair dryer to activate the action of the ingredients. A shampoo is required upon waking. Now the results are worth it!

I cuddle my feet

The night is therefore the ideal time to take care of your feet, because they will have plenty of time to absorb the active ingredients they need.

They are crazy about restorative formulas rich in shea butter, urea or glycerin because the skin of the feet is ten times thicker than that of other parts of the body.

Apply your treatment in a thick layer, and to make it penetrate well, let it act until the next morning…

I take off my makeup

Essential tip! Proper make-up removal before attacking your night is now essential. If the skin is not carefully rid of the impurities that encumber it, there is therefore no need to apply a care product whose properties cannot be expressed.


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