Bridal makeup: 6 tips for doing it yourself


Do you want to do your bridal makeup yourself? No need to be a pro makeup artist! In this article you find 6 tips for a worthy result! Read on….

Don’t neglect your skincare

Before talking about make-up, let’s first talk about skincare! In fact, the first key to a successful and hot look is to have skin in perfect condition.

Effective skincare is skincare that you have integrated into your daily life, morning and evening, for at least several months.

Moisturize your skin every day with moisturizers and serums. Also, we do a scrub at least once a week and a mask. On D-Day, use a moisturizing mask on your face to prepare your skin for makeup.

Train in advance

It is advisable to practice reproducing your look several times during the weeks and days preceding the big day. Indeed, if you do not know where to start, get closer to brands that offer consultations directly in store or in line. This is to get all the good advice for choosing the makeup that will sublimate you. Depending on your face shape, your hair and eye color, skin undertone etc…

Don’t wear SPF on D-Day

Bridal makeup: while specialists recommend putting on sunscreen every day… there is, however, an exception for the big day. We therefore abandon our sunscreen for the face, our SPF moisturizer, our foundation or its base with an SPF index. Indeed, these products reflect light.

Results ? in photos and videos, your complexion will appear much paler than it actually is. Also, products with a high SPF index can oxidize your foundation and thus give you a yellowish or orange complexion.

Apply makeup with light

Applying make-up in a well-lit room is now essential to avoid any unpleasant surprises once outside!

In fact, to be sure that your makeup will be the same, you can invest in a “ring light”. This device will therefore allow you to obtain the true rendering in the light.

However, a poorly lit room will alter your perception of your facial features. Thus, it will push you to have a little too heavy hand on your products.

Bridal makeup: use waterproof

Who says marriage says tears.. Your makeup runs and it’s panic! So to avoid that, you have to bet on waterproof products instead. Especially at eye level. Namely pencil, eyeliner or mascara. By using waterproof products, your makeup will stay in place all day and night.

Makeup: Don’t try new techniques!

All extravagant makeup requires a lot of technique and sometimes it’s better to say to yourself: “less is more”. On the wedding day, and especially if you’re not good with make-up… avoid smoky-eye or contouring. This allows you to avoid a clownish look. Trust yourself and go for looks that you master!


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