Visual test: What you see first reveals your personality


With the first thing that catches your eye, you will therefore be able to see hidden traits of your personality. Take this viral test that has been all the rage on social media.

What is a personality test?

Personality, viral or visual tests are questionnaires designed or created with the aim of evaluating a person’s personality. In other words, these tests let you know how a person really is. Typically, the ones circulating on social media are all about answering a single question… what do you see first in the photo? The answer to this simple question will actually let the user know how he is.

Personality tests are increasingly popular on social networks. Dear reader, if you are then ready to play and let yourself be carried away by the challenge… The Leenkus editorial staff offers you a challenge which, in a very simple way, will allow you to discover unknown traits of your deep personality just by looking at an image.

So if you really want to know if you are an objective person, this test is ideal for you. Thinking back to the question “what is the first thing you see in the illustration?” » you will now know some hidden aspects of your personality.

Test: play the game!

Indeed, before you say anything, let’s first point out that there are only two options in this test, namely carrot and rabbit and nothing else. Each alternative of this depersonalized test has a different meaning. So you must not lie when giving your answer.

Moreover, according to the research of American psychologist and biologist Roger W. Sperry – Nobel Prize… The brain and its two hemispheres (left and right) function differently. Our way of thinking is therefore determined by the dominant side. Moreover, it is therefore on the basis of its conclusions that many tests have been created which are now viral on social networks. And which thus make it possible to define the personality traits of an individual. Without further ado, find out the answers.

Have you seen a carrot?

So if you saw the carrot first in the test, you’re probably an insecure person. Indeed, because of your fears, you cannot exploit your great potential.

So you have problems for everything. When it comes to making decisions, you always hesitate and ultimately choose nothing. Also, very attached to your family, you never do anything without consulting those you love the most. However, the only thing we are sure of…is the present.

Have you seen a rabbit?

If you saw the rabbit first in the test, then you are a very objective person. Intelligent, you distinguish yourself by the way you solve all problems. You find the solution to everything!

Also, it is very difficult for you to recognize error since they are not permitted in your life. Responsible and very detailed, you are not afraid of anything. You are not beating around the bush.


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