Viral test: Discover your hidden character traits in love!


The viral test that we bring to you today aims to help users of social networks find answers to their questions about love. The latter will therefore help you to discover your character traits in love. Define yourself with one of the propositions of the visual riddle, then read the solution below. What is your character in love?

Viral test picture

This viral test is composed of an image that illustrates faces. Your choice will reveal who you really are in love. Indeed, this test can help you understand how the brain analyzes the images it has in front of it. The first choice is not only the most intuitive, but also reveals the real reason why you chose it.

Take a close look at the image above and let us know what you saw first. As usual, you will find the results of your choice in the rest of this article. You have 3 choices: two masks, a man’s face or a woman’s face.

Personality test: if you have seen two masks

For the individuals who saw two perfectly delineated faces first when looking at the test photo… We can say that they have confidence in them. Indeed, when they love someone, they do not hesitate to show it openly and without any shame. Also, for them, love is something so beautiful and so good that it should not be hidden. However, this has its negative side.

In fact, such people often cannot control their temper when it comes to love. Also, they end up arguing with their loved ones over trivial things. A little humility and acceptance that they’re not always right can give them some peace of mind.

Personality test: if you saw a man’s face

For people who saw a male face first, you’re probably a bit distracted. Indeed, you have a little more difficulty expressing your feelings. Sometimes you hide behind social media or your cell phone so you don’t have to interact face to face with that other person you do have feelings for.

Also, according to this test, you rarely dare to take the next step. In a romantic relationship, you are nice and you do very well. Likewise, you are attentive and very understanding. Still, you should express your feelings more often and gently. This is so the other person doesn’t have to guess what’s going on.

If you’ve seen a woman’s face…

Finally, we have the group of people who noticed a female face in the picture before anything else. These individuals are pure in their feelings, they always fall in love and believe in love above all else. Almost always in their relationships, very complicit, they admire the other person and respect them.

Likewise, their main problem is that it is difficult for them to make long-term commitments. They don’t go around in circles in their relationships, because they are black or white. However, when in doubt, they go straight to the point.


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