Thor Love and Thunder: Here’s how the death of Zeus could introduce Hercules into the MCU

Thor Love and Thunder: Here's how the death of Zeus could introduce Hercules into the MCU

We are only a few weeks away from the release of Thor: Love and Thunder. Inevitably, with the release of the first trailer for Taika Waititi’s film, the theories are rife. Recently, a new hypothesis suggests that Zeus will die in Thor: Love and Thunder, and that his passing will be a way to introduce Hercules into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Explanations.

Gorr the Godslayer

The recent trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder found the first glimpse of Russell Crowe as Zeus. Indeed, the god of thunder from Greek mythology will make its grand premiere in the MCU on the occasion of Taika Waititi’s film. A way for Marvel Studios to expand its range of characters a little more and to familiarize audiences with the various mythologies, which are broadly all within the Marvel Comics Universe. In parallel, Moon Knight has broadly the same mission with Egyptian mythology.

But if Zeus is going to be introduced into Thor: Love and Thunder, our little finger tells us that he will also die in this future MCU film. In fact, there are many signs that suggest that the god of gods will make a short-lived appearance in the Marvel Universe. Already, because of the main antagonist. Indeed, the villain of the film is Gorr. Played by Christian Bale, in the comics, Gorr sets out on a mission of vengeance against all the gods of creation. His goal is to assassinate as many gods as possible and rid mortals of their obligations to them. So necessarily, Zeus should be in Gorr’s sights. And the latter will surely be powerful enough to defeat the king of Olympus.

A death necessary for the introduction of Hercules?

And then, the death of Zeus could have an undeniable script sense. If Gorr manages to assassinate Zeus, it should attract the attention of many characters, including his son: Hercules. In the comics, Hercules has very little relationship with his father, preferring to share the life of mortals on Earth rather than being bored on Olympus. Nevertheless, if his father were to be assassinated, his moral sense would oblige him to take up arms to avenge his father.

The death of Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder would therefore be a simple and easy way for Marvel Studios to introduce Hercules. The latter would obviously lend his support to Thor to get rid of the Gorr threat. And the Herculean strength of the demi-god will not be too much to face the slaughterer of gods. Either way, if Gorr’s power is developed enough to kill Zeus, Thor is going to need support to take down this new enemy.

Anyway, it’s not only a matter of time before Hercules lands in the MCU. He is an iconic character in comics and known to the general public for many reasons outside the Marvel universe. His presence in Thor: Love and Thunder is more than logical. Hercules could then appear in productions like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3and obviously in avengers 5. To be continued !


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