The top 15 tweets of the week #355

The top 15 tweets of the week #355

This new week which begins under the sun will end with the first round of the Presidential next Sunday. In the meantime, we invite you to relax with the 355th edition of our top tweets of the week. Like every week, our community managers have watched over social networks to select tweets that have marked the past seven days. This 355th selection concerns the week of March 28 to April 4, 2022.

#1 Sad

People will pay for a movie ticket to see Morbius and that scares me

March 29, 2022

#2 It’s not wrong

April 2, 2022

#3 Effectively

Luckily Batman was traumatized by bats and not by the death of his parents, because it would have been weird a superhero dressed up as dead parents I think.

March 29, 2022

#4 A misunderstood genius

My brother he has 1 hour of glue I ask him the reason he sends me this I don’t know what to say

April 2, 2022

#5 To think about

April 1st is the only day people check a story before they believe it.

April 1, 2022

#6 The pun of the week

Today, after 3 months working in my gyozas food truck ptn I FINALLY managed to prank a customer “wingardium les gyozas” I can die in peace

March 27, 2022

#7 It sure is!

“I defend my miss like Will Smith”, there is bound to be a rapper who will succeed in dropping this punchline on us in the months to come

March 28, 2022

#8 A theory like any other

the miff I have a theory of what the ONE PIECE is, I think it is a large piece of meat (chicken?) turning on a spit but that it was not yet at point when Roger and his team showed up on Laugh Tale. That’s why it dehek

March 31, 2022

#9 They thought they were on FIFA

ud83cuddeeud83cuddf9 “We’re out.”
ud83cuddf8ud83cuddea “We’re out.”
ud83cuddf3ud83cuddf4 “We are eliminated.”
ud83cuddf7ud83cuddf4 “We are eliminated.”
ud83cuddf9ud83cuddf7 “We are eliminated.”
ud83cudde8ud83cuddf4 “We are eliminated.”
ud83cudde8ud83cuddf1 “We are eliminated.”
ud83cuddf3ud83cuddec “We are eliminated.”
ud83cuddf2ud83cuddf1 “We are eliminated.”
ud83cudde8ud83cuddee “We’re out.”
ud83cuddeaud83cuddec “We are eliminated.”
ud83cudde9ud83cuddff “We want to replay the match.”

March 31, 2022

#10 What for?

Has everyone gone dumb?

April 2, 2022

#11 Impressive!

The Japanese Maglev train traveling at 603 km/h, a world record. By way of comparison, the French TGV travels at 320 km/h.

April 2, 2022

#12 Everyone has their own priorities

Currently my teacher stopped the course to buy a ticket for the Damso concert in full course. I am in L3 at the university. Nothing to add, it’s legendary.

April 1, 2022

#13 Best April Fool’s Day


April 1, 2022

#14 The Cannonball

I exchange emails with a patient being treated for his insomnia, last email at 3:26 am telling me “it’s much better!”

March 29, 2022

#15 That’s good

Serious question do you think Zinedine Zidane does % cb if he stands for election? No program nothing just a “it’s good” in debate

April 2, 2022

So much for this new top tweets. See you next week for a new selection. In the meantime, you can always discover or rediscover last week’s 354th selection, right here.


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