Test: Your Favorite Clothing Color Reveals Things About You


Color plays an important role in our lives. This by the way it influences our emotions and our moods. In this quiz, you’re going to find a guide to what the color of your clothes can say about you. Read on!

Test: you prefer the color black

Personality test: In the past, you only wore black during your mourning. But things have now changed. Today, wearing black is no longer just meant to respect the dead… It’s perfectly acceptable to wear it at all times.

By the way, punk and goth teens are known to wear a lot of black. So if you actually prefer this color…. Know that black symbolizes extremes – all or nothing – and is a color of strength, power, sophistication, elegance and authority.

Test: shades of blue

Blue rejuvenates and soothes. Indeed, when you wear this color, you spread positivity, peace and loyalty. Also, you send the message that you have decided to live according to your own rules and according to your own beliefs. According to this test, individuals who wear this color a lot are often intelligent. Also, they have a sharp mind and are independent.

Test: the color brown

Color test: like the color of the earth…. When you wear brown, you represent all that is solid and grounded. In fact, brown is the color that people associate with a reliable, stable, and also intelligent person.

Shades of gray:

Color test: there are many different shades of gray. Wearing gray can therefore make you look depressed, indifferent and apathetic. Indeed, it can also seem oppressive and thus give the impression of a lack of confidence. By the way, it is for this reason that the classic color of sweatpants is gray.

Red color :

Color test: the color red effectively makes it stand out and attract attention. As well. it is the color of energy and it is the symbol of life.

Wearing this color can actually give you confidence. This color then represents sensuality, aggressiveness, passion and audacity.

Orange color :

Known as the color that opens up new possibilities… The color orange is often associated with creativity, enthusiasm and good times, warmth and ambition.

So according to this test, if you wear orange, you love life, parties and you are in a positive, engaging and energizing mood.

Shades of pink:

Pink: very associated with femininity, but when a man is comfortable with the masculine and feminine side of his personality… he can indeed wear a pink shirt or jacket.

According to this test, this color represents unconditional love and it is also known to calm aggression.

Violet colour :

Purple: a symbol of wealth and a color of royalty. If you want to show that you are rich, both in possessions and in spirituality… then wear purple. According to this test, this color actually shows that you have a rich inner life, that you are intuitive, artistic, creative, and that you have a good instinct for understanding people.

Yellow color :

Joyful, cheerful and optimistic… Yellow therefore has the power to bring out creativity. But it is very overwhelming if too much is used. Indeed, this color encourages intelligence and inspiration. And so it’s a good color to wear when you need a motivational boost.

Green color :

Color test: associated with generosity, healing and a youthful state of mind… Green is a soothing colour.

People who wear this color are charismatic and care deeply about people.

feelings of others.


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