Test: The way you draw a spiral will reveal your personality


In terms of spirituality, the spiral symbol can represent the path leading from outer consciousness (materialism, outer consciousness, ego, outer perception). To the inner soul (enlightenment, invisible essence, nirvana, cosmic consciousness). In today’s test, discover your personality through the way you draw a spiral.

What kind of person are you?

Indeed, the personality test will reveal details about the personality of each user who took it.

You won’t believe it? So just choose the option that shows how you draw a spiral and read the answer. Indeed, these circulating personality tests have no validity or scientific rigor. They are then just a test that shows generic personality profiles.

The spiral symbol

Personality test: the movements between the inner world (intuitive, intangible) and the outer world (matter, manifested) are mapped by the spiral of archetypal rings. Marking the evolution of humanity both collectively and individually.

Indeed, in terms of growth or rebirth, the symbol of the spiral can represent the consciousness of nature. This from the core or center and thus extending outwards. Moreover, most mystical people think this way. We find the spiral in the golden number which is directly linked to the Fibonacci sequence.

Spirals have been around since… well since nature used them!

How do you draw the spirals? You could be channeling some old energies! Let’s look at the test image above and then read the description that matches your drawing style.

Little reminder ! The sole purpose of these tests is for entertainment. Indeed, none of this information provides a diagnosis or replaces the advice of a professional. Are you ready ? Discover the answers!

Personality test: if you draw from the inside out

Being loved by you is one of life’s greatest gifts. According to this test, you are probably an incredibly caring person. And you are always there for anyone who needs a shoulder to cry on.

Loving, passionate and strong-willed…You understand the importance of kindness and empathy. So, during a difficult time…. No one will be surprised to learn that you will be the first to help someone or others. Affectionate, kind and voluntary, you help your loved ones and people who are less fortunate.

Personality test: if you draw from the outside in

Very wise and mature for your age…. You believe that hard work, perseverance, and kindness are essential qualities we should all have. But you never lose sight of the importance of spending time and having fun with friends and family.

According to this test, you are therefore a caring and very polite person. And everyone around you trusts you. Also, you prefer to think logically but always follow your heart as much as possible. In fact, once you’ve made your decision, there’s no turning back! You don’t like fighting with people because it makes you feel uncomfortable.


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