Test: Find out what you find very attractive in love!


What actually makes your heart race? We are all drawn to certain things in inexplicable ways. We can’t control what we see when we examine optical illusions or the results we get when we take a personality test. Today’s quiz will reveal what you secretly find most attractive in love.

The attraction is something funny but also difficult to understand

Our inexplicable attraction to someone can lead our loved ones to ask questions like “WHY? “. Generally, you answer with: “I DON’T KNOW! “. Because sometimes, our attraction exceeds our comprehension.

Luckily for you, that may not be the case anymore. So if you want to understand what strange personality traits mysteriously catch your eye, then we’ve got you covered. This personality test will allow you to quickly determine which personality traits you secretly find most attractive. So just look at the photo below and mentally note the first image you see.

Personality test: The woman on the rock

Did you see the woman on the rock first in this test? The personality trait you secretly find most attractive is vanity.

In fact, it’s stronger than you. You fall for people who tend to admire themselves. Remember that confidence is different from vanity! It’s good to believe in yourself and to love yourself, but you still have to make room for other people in your heart.

The sailing boat

Personality test: did you see the sailboat before anything else? The personality trait you secretly find most attractive is rebellion. Also, you envy those adventurous people who seem to miss nothing to leave all their responsibilities behind and head out into the big world!

Their audacity is appealing. But if they want to leave it all behind, then that might mean leaving you. So you have to take that into account!

If you saw the man’s face…

According to this test, the personality trait you secretly find most attractive is stoicism. Deeply emotional, expressing these emotions is important to you. However, you want your partner to be different. A supportive person who hides their own feelings to help manage yours.

Indeed, being strong and supportive does not necessarily mean repressing feelings. You can find a strong person who is aware of how they feel. So you should be there too.

Personality test: the boats in the distance

Did you actually see the boats in the distance first in this test? The personality trait you secretly find most attractive is a fiery temper. You have a weakness for individuals who don’t let their feelings express themselves, wanting a person with temperament!

We all get angry. If we manage to manage this correctly, it is completely healthy and normal. If a potential fiery partner has this, great! But if his anger scares you, that doesn’t bode well. You can probably change direction.


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