Stranger Things season 4: the Vecna ​​monster could be a reincarnation of this character

Stranger Things season 4: the Vecna ​​monster could be a reincarnation of this character

Highly anticipated by fans, season 4 of Stranger Things will be available from May 27 on Netflix. If many intrigues will have to be explored, a theory would like the monster featured in future episodes either in reality a reincarnation of this character.

Stranger things season 4, what to expect

After more than three years of waiting, the patience of the fans is about to be rewarded. Part 1 of season 4 of Stranger Things will be online on May 27 on Netflix, while the second will be added on July 1, 2022. to the physical changes of the actors, we will have to expect a slight time jump in the next episodes. At the end of season 3, Eleven was devoid of her powers.Max tragically lost his older brother Billy, as did Joyce who mourned the presumed death of her husband, Sheriff Jim Hopper.

Finally, the recent trailers unveiled by Netflix have revealed what to really expect in this season 4, which as a reminder, will be the penultimate in the history of Stranger Things. The various trailers notably revealed that Jim Hopper had survived the explosion and was now in Russia, locked up in a detention center next to a certain… Demogorgon! Max could benefit from powers, even if this idea may be questioned later in this article.. Finally, the last images revealed suggested that Eleven could seek to find Dr. Brenner so that he can help her. regain possession of one’s powers. In this regard, this antagonist who has been missing for many seasons could finally make a comeback, as the sequel’s greatest human villain.

Which suggests that Billy is the host of Vecna

The most surprising element of this new season is certainly the introduction of Vecna, a fearsome villain known to fans of Dungeons & Dragons. For those who don’t know it, it’s of an undead with magical powers who lives in the fictional universe of Greyhawk. He is described as the god of evil secrets whose purpose is to control all existing civilizations through the Upside Down… From his being, All that’s left is his hand and his eye, which allows its users to take advantage of extremely powerful powers. However, the latter must in exchange agree to have one of these parts removed from their own body.

Many theories around the hidden identity of this monster fuse on the web. But if the clues revealed about Vecna ​​are to be believed, everything suggests that this creature will actually be a reincarnation of Billy… First, an episode of this fourth season is called “Dear Billy”, which means that his story within the series is not over. If he can return in flashbacks, it can also be revealed that Billy is not really “dead” in the Upside Down. The latter has already been controlled by the Mind Flayer, so what remains of his mind can now be found in Vecna’s body shell. We can imagine that Vecna ​​used Billy’s dead body as a host in order to turn into an undead monster hybrid.

Max under the influence of Vecna?

Incidentally, a very quick shot of the latest trailer reveal shows that Vecna ​​hangs from tentaclesa plan very similar to the death of Billy in season 3… We also see the human hand of the monster, that seems to belong to someone young, which would negate the idea that Vecna ​​was Victor Creel. The monster’s prosthetics seen in the trailer did not make it possible to guess who was hiding behind it, but the contours of his face were similar to those of Dacre Montgomery.

Finally, the most likely clue that Vecna ​​has taken possession of Billy’s body is definitely the shot in the trailer for Max. In this one, we see the young girl sitting in front of her brother’s grave, before levitating in front of it. If many fans first imagined that Max could be miraculously endowed with powers, another theory seems get over this assumption. We can rather imagine that Vecna ​​uses Billy’s memory to control her sister Max’s mind.. In this way, he would use the spirit of the deceased character to manipulate the people still present in the real world. Max would be the easiest target given his complicated relationship with Billy and his grief over his death. This plot would allow the return of Dacre Montgomery in season 4 of Stranger Thingseven if it is not really his character that we will find…


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