Star Wars: Palpatine did the irreparable long before Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars: Palpatine did the irreparable long before Revenge of the Sith

the Chancellor Palpatine is the strongest antagonist powerful of the whole main story of the movies Star Warsbut also one of the most mysterious since it continues to deliver many secrets to us through theextended universe Star Warsexplaining his strength, his strategic genius and his keen sense of dramatic irony and snub.

Star Wars : the senator strikes back

The Dark Side is filled with many secrets that the Expanded Universe keeps exploring through novels, of comics, comic strips and very soon manga, and one of its most mysterious representatives is none other than Sheev Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious. A thousand years before the prequel trilogy, the Jedi thought they had defeated the last of the Sith. In reality, Darth Bane reinvented them by establishing the rule of two. The Sith operated in the shadows for the next millennium, biding their time and manipulating events until they were ready to seize power. Darth Sidious was the fulfillment of this will, this ambition. he managed to work his way straight into the Senate, and into Star Wars – The Phantom Menace, he even became its chancellor. For more than a decade, Palpatine worked side by side with the Jedi, without them ever really knowing who he was, even though they knew there was a Sith. But the latter did not know if they should seek the master or the apprentice. They were also unaware that their target would actually come out into the open.

Knowing all of this, it was child’s play for Palpatine. During the Clone Wars, the Chancellor had become confident enough to wield the dark side of the Force within the Jedi Temple a final affront to the order of the most powerful knights in the galaxy who are – let’s remember – sensitive to the fluctuations of the Force around them. This whole story is told in the short story Queen’s Shadow (The Queen’s Shadow, 12-21 available in France since December 3, 2020) by author EK Johnston. This novel is set shortly after the start of the Clone Wars, and chronicles Queen Padmé Amidala’s journey through Coruscant politics as a galactic senator, under the mistrust of her new colleagues who know the role. that she played in the dismissal of the previous Chancellor.

Palpatine: Provocative Strategist

In a key scene of this novel, Palpatine attends a social gathering at the Jedi Temple alongside some senators. One of them is supposed to be Padmé Amidala., but she left on a special mission and was replaced by her former servant, Sabé. While he intended to take the opportunity to trap her, Palpatine sees his plans upset. Rather than wait for a better opportunity, he uses the dark side force to convince Sabé to bring ex-Queen Amidala back to him, making the maid troubled and shaken. Palpatine’s scheme won’t have the intended effect, however, as she refuses, dismissing the idea as absurd and making him wonder if the Force had been involved. What’s amazing is that Palpatine was bold enough to use the Force in this way while in enemy territory, inside the Jedi Temple itself. near the Jedi Council where the beings closest to the Force sit…

Palpatine is not known for being so bold, but rather manipulative and calculating. Over the past decade, he has been able to find the limits of Jedi knowledge, especially since the galaxy is already sinking into chaos at this stage of the story. The Clone Wars weakened the Jedi and their reading of the Force. Pain, grief, fear and hatred have obscured the bright side. Little chance therefore of discovering the pot of roses. Or else it is an oversight by the author who had simply not thought of this eventuality. Either way, Palpatine is a renowned strategist, who hasn’t been shy about using his injuries as an argument in his favor, as evidenced by this other story.


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