Skyrim: this is what a LEGO video game could look like in Skyrim (video)

Skyrim: this is what a LEGO video game could look like in Skyrim (video)

Since 2005, around sixty LEGO games have been released on consoles, PCs and mobiles. Known internationally, the brand of brick kits has partnered with many franchises to produce games of more or less good quality. Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Jurassic World or Batmanuniverses that work just as well with bricks. To go even further, a fan decided to imagine what a LEGO game based in the universe of Skyrim.

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Released in 2011, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is a tenor of the RPG. A particularly popular genre that continues to welcome new games over the years. 2022 will be a particularly busy year in RPG, with in particular Starfieldthe latest creation from Bethesda, still lined up for the end of 2022. For its part, the LEGO franchise has approached many famous cinema sagas with a view to several adaptations. Unfortunately for fans of SkyrimLEGO never saw the birth of a LEGO game The Elder Scrolls V. A brick Skyrim that could have been the scene of an epic adventure.

Recently, on Reddit, a user first shared an image in which it is possible to find the Skyrim character creation tool, but in a LEGO version. The character sports the iconic head of the franchise’s smaller characters, while the cart in the background is made entirely of bricks.

Faced with the success of his post (count more than 20,000 likes in just a few hours), this Internet user by the name of KoolKbeludo wanted to go even further by sharing the source of this image, namely a stop motion video retracing the intro to the game. A video by The Guildmaster Studio, a YouTube channel that shared its stop motion creations for a long time before stopping all publication in 2019.

And between February and July 2015, The Guildmaster Studio released five episodes of a new stop-motion series that recounts the epic of the dragonborn, the protagonist of Skyrim. Videos to be found just below which are worth a look, and which allow in particular to glimpse what a game could have looked like Skyrim in LEGO.

On your side, would you have liked to see a game released Skyrim in LEGO? Do not hesitate to answer us via the comment section.


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