Singapore: A city with the strangest laws in the world!


Singapore is ranked as one of the most developed cities! There, the regulations are very strict, even very bizarre!

Here are the strangest laws in the world, especially in Singapore!

Blow cigarette smoke in someone’s face!

In Singapore, it is best not to smoke!

If you blow cigarette smoke in someone’s face, you will have to pay a fine of 500 euros.

Whatever the circumstances of the environment and the winds, the fine will always be applicable! In other words, do not be clever by presenting such an argument!

Singapore: The law punishes individuals who throw waste on the ground!

You will have the worst day of your life if you spit or throw something on the floor!

In Singapore, such acts will cost you at least 500 euros! But that’s not all ! You will also be required to complete community service.

Also be very careful not to throw your waste on the ground and keep it in a bag!

On the other hand, apart from the fact that spitting in the street is rude, and it is also illegal. Another point not to be forgotten!

Cross outside the pedestrian crossing or at the green light!

Singapore broke the record for fines in just 6 months!

Indeed, the authorities have awarded 6200 fines to pedestrians who have not respected this law

Good news ! An exception applies if the pedestrian crossing is more than 50 meters away.

However, crossing on a green light has no excuse. You will therefore have to pay ten euros for such an infraction. Therefore, this amount will increase if you refuse to pay the fine!

Singapore: Not flushing the toilet after using public toilets is a crime!

This incivility will cost you 100 bucks, including if you forget!

We can still pity the cops who are obliged to check the public toilets after each use.

This regulation effectively reflects a very high level of civility! Moreover, several other countries in the world should perhaps adopt this law!

Possess pornographic material!

Far from kissing or making love in public, possessing pornographic material is strictly prohibited by law!

If the cops catch you with an erotic magazine, for example, you’re screwed!

Besides, you also don’t have the right to walk around naked at home. This is also considered a pornographic act!

Singapore: Chewing gum or even having it on you is an illegal act!

A law that none of us could understand! Indeed, chewing gum or even having it on you is an illegal act in Singapore.

This ban of this country, is one of the vestiges of the 80s! Vandals were effectively blocking the locks with chewing gum.

Result: The government has imposed this law since 1992!

However, chewing gum is only sold in pharmacies for people who smoke!

Ask a Singaporean where chewing gum is sold and you will see the most bizarre reaction of your life.


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