Quiz: Who is the boy’s mother? Find out things about yourself!


Personality test: take a good look at the image above. This actually represents two women seated while a boy is playing on the floor. So can you guess which one is the child’s mother? Your answer will reveal things about you. Read on…

Personality test

In this test, choose the woman you believe to be the mother of the boy and then scroll down to see what your choice says about you. Do not worry ! Even if your answer isn’t the right one… It can still reveal important information about yourself. Little reminder ! The sole purpose of this test is for entertainment. None of this information provides a diagnosis or replaces professional advice.

Personality test: if you chose the number 1 woman

Although most of the participants choose the woman number of this your… It is not about the mother of the boy. You may not have noticed the detail in the image that actually reveals the correct answer.

However, your answer reveals a little about you. Since you were a child, you have therefore been a creative person. At school, you distinguished yourself by your different ideas and your ability to put your projects into practice.

Aware, nice, fun… you have a sense of humor. People often seek out your company when they need guidance and advice for certain areas of their lives. You like to read and be up to date with the news and you are always aware of what is happening in the world. For this reason, therefore, you have a broader and wiser view of the reality of the world.

Test: A motivated and optimistic person

Also, you are very motivated and you strive to achieve your goals. So you tend to achieve your dreams and life goals. You can always count on your intelligence, your efforts and your dedication to evolve in life. However, beware of your desire for money. It can quickly transform your personality.

If you chose the number 2 woman in the personality test

Generally, when young children are playing, they unconsciously tend to face their parents. It’s like asking for an approval. So if you picked woman number in the test, you’re right.

Your answer shows that you have good deduction skills. Also, the left hemisphere of your brain, which is now linked to logic and reasoning, is well developed.

Since you are a sensible person, you often offer good advice to those who seek it. Also, you value social interactions, since you know that we can always acquire new knowledge.

A lonely person

Also, according to this personality test, you usually have many people who love and appreciate you. Thus, your reliability and sensitivity make you charming and attractive.

You value your loved ones and friendships very much. But if you could define yourself, you would rather say that you are a very lonely person.


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