Prime Video: this amazing project around James Bond unveiled

Prime Video: this amazing project around James Bond unveiled

No Time To Die was released at the end of last year, after numerous delays. It met with decent critical and commercial success, but it is now towards the future of the 007 saga that fans are eyeing. No news of a future movie yet, but another much more unexpected project.

007 back on the small screen

If Sherlock Holmes is the most famous detective in popular culture, James Bond is the most famous spy in fiction. It’s not very practical to be famous when you’re a spy, you might say, but whatever. But while the entire saga is about to be released on a French channel and the number 007 has been camped by Daniel Craig during the last five films, the mystery about the future of the franchise remains whole: who to take over the role? Reboot or not?…

Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, the two co-producers of the films, are not leaking any clues for the time being, but we learn thanks to the media variety that they have been working since 2018 on a very different project linked to the universe created by Ian Fleming: a game show which was to be produced by MGM, since bought by Amazon. Its name? 007’s Road to a Million. And guess what: it will allow two candidates to win a million pounds sterling, i.e. approximately 1.2 million euros.

A new version of beijing express ?

According to the first information provided, 007’s Road to a Million should be released on Prime Video, once its production is complete. Filming for the adventure show, which will be overseen by Broccoli and Wilson in production, is set to see filming begin later this year, with casting currently underway. It will be equipped with eight episodes, during which several teams composed of two candidates each will compete while traveling around the world and in particular in cult places of the cinematographic saga.

If you are at all familiar with TV shows, this pitch should remind you of the very famous Beijing Expressbroadcast since 2006. Given the popularity of this morning reality TV adventure show, so we imagine that 007’s Road to a Million will resume more or less the same formula “James Bondisée”. In the program : both physical and reflective tests, in which the losing teams will be eliminated one after the other.

If you are tired of Koh Lanta, but you like to see several candidates fight to stay in the race, so this show could represent a nice alternative, although it may not land right away. However, it should be accessible to as many people as possible, sincea broadcast in no less than 240 different countries via Prime Video would have been mentioned.

In the meantime, we advise you to re(watch) the 25 films of the cinematographic saga. For gamers, we also remind you thata video game is in development at IO Interactive, the father of the saga Hitman. Known as Project 007he will try to revive the license in the coming years.


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