Phone: Tips for charging your smartphone faster


Tired of always waiting hours before having enough battery to go out with your phone? The Leenkus editorial team reveals some tips for reducing charging time and thus saving electricity. Read on!

Tips for your phone

A recent study by App Annie reveals that we spend an average of 4.8 hours a day on our phones. But the latter discharges very quickly!

The problem is that once turned off, it takes a while to turn back on. It is therefore difficult to resume his telephone conversation. Likewise, leaving your phone to completely discharge damages the battery. It is therefore better to charge it before it drops below 20%.

Once plugged in, the latter quickly gains the first 50 to 70 percent (depending on the model). However, the smartphone takes much longer for the remaining 30%.

Not at all practical if you had now planned to earn a few percent before going to your appointment with your device. On the other hand, in order to avoid waiting hours for it to be sufficiently charged… There are actually a few very simple practices that will even save you electricity! We reveal everything to you in the rest of this article.

Connect your phone in a suitable environment

Charging your phone is not complicated. But doing it in the wrong environment with the wrong equipment wastes your time!

So, to optimize its charging time, plug it in a room where it is neither too cold nor too hot. Use a quality charger and thus prefer a wall socket to the USB port.

On this point, it is better to favor the original charger of your phone (cable + plug). Or an equivalent brand but above all avoid counterfeits! So, to save even more time, invest in a more powerful but not induction charger.

Close your apps

Indeed, the applications are greedy in energy! So, whether you are using your phone or charging it, remember to close them directly after use.

Deleting the ones you no longer use also makes a difference to the state of your smartphone battery.

Don’t use your phone

We are used to unlocking the phone whenever the need comes to mind. Attention ! Doing it while charging is a bad idea. Because it would be like filling a glass with water by emptying it on the other side to drink it.

Indeed, this practice only increases the filling time. The same is true for the telephone. You must therefore turn off your phone while it is charging. If you can’t turn it off, reduce the brightness when not in use.

Activate airplane mode

In the same logic as turning off your phone when not in use… Activating airplane mode increases the efficiency of its charge.

Indeed, this mode is not reserved for the plane, it thus saves battery since it cuts all notifications and network research.

However, if you can’t afford it, at least turn off the internet (wifi and/or 4G) and Bluetooth.


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