Peacemaker: These cut-to-edit sex jokes you’ll never see

Peacemaker: These cut-to-edit sex jokes you'll never see

While the first season of the DC series Peacemaker has already been fully broadcast in the United States, we have not yet been able to discover it in France. In the meantime, we already know that a season 2 is planned and should be rich in cameos. There have already been some in season 1, and one of them could have been particularly funny or embarrassing, depending.

/! Spoilers for episode 8 of Peacemaker/!

The first spin-off series of The Suicide Squad

After the butchery that was Suicide Squad in 2016, led by a Will Smith who stood out at the Oscars last night, the surprise was total when James Gunn embarked on a new project stamped Tea Suicide Squad. However, the feature film released last year experienced much greater critical success, in particular thanks to an uninhibited violence and a particularly offbeat humor.

Humor that can also be found in Peacemakerhis first spin-off series, centered on the anti-hero helmeted and patriot played by John Cena. The very effective recipe of The Suicide Squad has been kept for the occasion, with ubiquitous humor and sometimes very meta. Each episode of the latter also had the right to a post-credits scene. In the final episode, this allows the Flash and Aquaman characters to effector a crazy little cameo, which could have gone very (too?) far.

A superhero, fish and sex

In episode 8 of the first season of Peacemaker, Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa make an appearance as their respective DC superheroes, who will also have the right to films whose release has been postponed. Poor Aquaman is not to his advantage, however, since Peacemaker explains that he thinks he maintains special relationships with the marine animals he frequents.

And he’s obviously not the only one since while he’s mad at him, Flash invites him to go “fuck another fish, asshole”. The main interested party complains “to be fed up with this rumor”, to which the other insists by answering him that it is more than that. It’s not very subtle, but still a bit funny (right?). And if you are not sensitive to this kind of humor, then consider yourself lucky: director James Gunn recently revealed that on set, the delirium went much further and that Ezra Miller (Flash) was visibly inspired.

There’s tons of stuff I haven’t used. Ezra continued – without laughing – for 16 minutes talking about Aquaman having sex with fish. It was very funny. james gunn

even more cameos for season 2

If the mood seemed to be fun on set, we understand that James Gunn decided to cut a quarter of an hour of sexual jokes: on a three-quarters of an hour episode, that’s a lot. On the other hand, if you enjoyed the Flash and Aquaman cameos on screen, you will be delighted to learn that season 2 should be even richer in surprises at this level.

I think that’we will see more and more connections between the works as we move forward with Peacemaker and other HBO Max series. james gunn

So let’s hope that the cameos will be as qualitative as they will be numerous. In the meantime, we can’t wait to discover Peacemaker in France, on OCS!


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