Oscars 2022: Chris Rock’s brother attacks Will Smith after the slap

Oscars 2022: Chris Rock's brother attacks Will Smith after the slap

Despite the resounding noise that the controversy has been making for more than a week, Chris Rock has still not reacted to the slap of Will Smith, with the exception of a short statement that is not very explicit. If we imagine that he wants to let time pass to react coldly, his brother is more impatient. He has indeed recently spoken and has not been tender with the former Bad Boy.

Will Smith’s Slap: Kenny Rock Strikes Back

How far can we go in our remarks in the name of humor, without being disrespectful or going beyond the limits of reason? Vast question, which the comedian Chris Rock relaunched despite himself at the 94th Academy Awards, with his (bad?) joke about Jada Smith, Will’s wife. Following the slap of this one, the internet went up in flames with with heated debates, where Hollywood has more firmly condemned the gesture of the actor.

And if some try to calm things down and point to bigger issues, Kenny Rock, Chris’s brother, for his part decided to give it a layer. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, he has indeed expressed all the resentment he feels towards Will Smith, who had “no respect” for his brother, whom he “demeaned in front of the millions of people watching this show“.

Resentment… and future sanctions?

If you ask Kenny Rock about his brother’s assault at the 2022 Oscars, expect salty answers. The man has indeed experienced this incident particularly badly “who [le] drives you crazy”. He is all the more resentful towards Will Smith that he did not apologize to Chris Rock from his speech, delivered following his consecration of “best actor” for The Williams Method. According to Kenny, the written apologies that followed are therefore “hypocritical” and are only a way for the actor to restore his image to the public, Hollywood and the Academy of Oscars.

Kenny Rock also wants Will Smith to be banned from the next editions of the Oscars and holds the Academy responsible for not getting him out of the room. And since according to him, his brother “wouldn’t have joked about it” had he known that Jada suffered from alopecia, the slap must be condemned all the more strongly. That is why he demands that the gold statuette be taken from Will Smith. If these requests are unlikely to succeed, one thing is clear: Kenny Rock does not intend to forget this case anytime soon.


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