Netflix: the US Senate attacks the platform for this incongruous reason

Netflix: the US Senate attacks the platform for this incongruous reason

Known as the number 1 streaming platform in the world, netflix is also talked about for its polemics. Today, we learn that the platform must be accountable to the American Senate.

The disgruntled US Senate

With its internationally successful series and films such as Stranger Things, mindhunter, ozark, Narcos, Sex Education, The Witcher and Tea irish man, Netflix is ​​the pioneer of SVOD. However, the platform is not immune to criticism and controversy. We remember in particular the scandal caused by the production of the next series of the creators of Game Of Thronesproduced and distributed by Netflix, and which had angered US senators.

Today, it would seem that the senate still has some criticism to make of the Californian platform. Indeed, based on a report by the Truth Initiative institute, stating too many scenes with cigarettes and e-cigarettes in Netflix series aimed at young audiencesthe US Senate is asking the platform to review its ethics, especially when it comes to youth.

Indeed, according to a Truth Initiative study, almost two-thirds of the most viewed series on the platform would show scenes with characters smoking. Among them are: Peaky Blinders, The Queen’s Game, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, mindhunter, Umbrella Academy, Narcos, Money Heistetc

But showing cigarettes on screen would not be without impact on the viewer, according to the same study. Thus, Netflix, by the too many scenes with cigarettes in its series and its films, would be partly responsible for smoking among some of its subscribers.

Three senators from the Democratic Party thus addressed a letter to company executives asking them to “take more aggressive action to address this public health problem.

It will also be recalled that the Netflix platform has already been involved in similar controversies in the past. In effect, a Truth Initiative report already condemned the platform in 2019because of the presence of cigarettes in season 3 of Stranger Things. The company then responded, citing its interest in the fight against smoking.

We strongly support artistic expression, but we also recognize that smoking is harmful and dangerous to health. We also know that representing this act in a positive way on screen can influence young people. Going forward, all new productions we order with a TV-14 or lower rating for series, and PG-13 or lower for movies will be guaranteed to be smoke-free or e-cigarette free, except for historical or factual accuracy. .

Note that Netflix uses a pellet, indicating the presence of alcohol or drugs. However, it would seem that all these measures taken by the platform were not enough to completely convince Truth Institute and the American Senate. It is currently unknown what will be the next steps taken by Netflix to reduce the number of scenes including cigarettes, and their impact on their subscribers.

Remember, however, that Netflix is ​​not the only player in the Hollywood world to be confronted with the problem of cigarettes. Recently again, Warner Bros. made the delicate decision to censor the Penguin cigaryet an iconic accessory of the DC Comics character.


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