Netflix: the Ozark series may not be completely finished

Netflix: the Ozark series may not be completely finished

While part 2 of season 4 ofozark ended on Netflix last Friday, marking the end of the adventures of Ruth and the Byrde family, many want the series to continue. And as such the showrunner recently spoke.

Please note that the rest of this article contains revelations about the series finale. We advise you then to go your way if you do not want to read it

Ozark, big box of Netflix

On the menu of successful series on Netflix, we can mention The Bridgerton Chronicle, Vikings, La casa de Papel, Squid Game, The Queen’s Game, or Stranger Things. In the middle of his boxes, the series has recently been placed Ozark, which recounts the adventures of Marty Byrde and his family, who, after finding themselves embroiled in a dark case of money laundering for a Mexican drug cartel, must suddenly leave Chicago to be forgotten in a remote and wild region: the Ozarks, where he finds himself forced to carry on his business.

If the pitch is slightly reminiscent of breaking Bad, the series released in 2017 settles timidly on the red N. It will rather be necessary to wait for season 3 and its finale for the show worn by Chris Mundy to unite a real community. Season 4, divided into 2 parts was therefore highly anticipated, and ended recently, leaving fans filled with nostalgia. It must be said that beyond its gripping plot and empathy for the Byrde family, actors Julia Garner (Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor) who plays Ruth Langmore, Jason Bateman (Marty Byrde) and Laura Linney (Wendy Byrde) are real revelations, and actively participate in the success of the series.

A fifth season? a spin-off?

Ended since it went live last Friday through a tragic and bloody finale, Ozark leaves behind a community that has steadily grown as the show has gained credibility. So it didn’t take long for fans are calling for a sequel to the adventures of the Byrdes, or a spin-off.

Interviewed by TVLine, Chris Mundy spoke about the excitement of fans for his series, and noted that there have been many requests for a spin-off series set in the Ozark universe. And as such, it does not exclude this possibility:

If a spin-off could be done separately from the series, so much the better, because it’s a world that I really like. But we did four – or rather five – seasons, 44 episodes. And I want them to be seen as a whole, not as if they were built for possible revivals. It marked the last six years of my life, and it was very pleasant. So to do more in this universe would certainly be exceptional.

We understand through these words that the show will not return for a fifth season. Nevertheless, a spin-off could be considered. But on what, and on whom? Fans would have hoped for something about Ruth Langmore’s character, but his tragic fate at the end of Season 4 destroys that possibility.

Given the growing success ofOzark, no doubt Mundy is considering capitalizing on it more. For Netflix too, the project could be lucrative. However, nothing definitive has been validated, so we will have to wait to find out if the project materializes or not.


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