Netflix: cancellations, layoffs … After losing subscribers, the platform attacks the animation sector

Netflix: cancellations, layoffs ... After losing subscribers, the platform attacks the animation sector

We told you about it earlier this year, Netflix is ​​experiencing difficulties like never before, to the point that the platform has lost a significant number of subscribers. We imagined that it would have to make certain decisions in order to stay afloat and resume its cruising speed, but it is an unexpected sector that Netflix is ​​attacking: that of animation.

A historic loss of speed for Netflix

Streaming is now one of the easiest and most common ways to consume cinematic content, from films to series to documentaries. Netflix largely dominates the market, in particular thanks to a particularly rich and varied catalog. However, it would seem that the animation sector is no longer a priority for the firm, according to information reported by The Wrap.

For the first time in ten years, Netflix has lost subscribers: around 200,000 users would have decided to end their subscription to the famous SVOD platform. Result, the action of the American company falls on the stock market, the management is worried and takes rather drastic decisions.

The animation sector seems to be the first victim, since the sources of The Wrap relate project cancellations, but also layoffs.

Cancellations and dismissals in shambles

If we do not have precise data on what the various films and animated series available on Netflix bring in, it would seem that this content is not the most profitable. Following its loss of subscribers, management would have decided to cancel several projects such as the adaptation of comics bone of Jeff Smith in animated series, just like the series Canvas and Trouble by Lauren Faust. Finally, the adaptation of the series The Twits by Roald Dahl would also have been canceled, although a film is still in the cards.

But that’s not all, since Netflix also reportedly ended development of several other hit anime series, but also laid off staff. This would be the case in particular for the director of creative management and development of original animation at Netflix, Phil Rynda, and several members of his teams.

Radical decisions, therefore, especially since Netflix does not intend to stop there: for months already, the platform is considering solutions to end account sharing. If in addition to the pubs interrupting our viewing are added to all this, as much to say that it risks grumbling on the side of the users.


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