Moon Knight: this is when the series takes place in the Marvel universe

Moon Knight: this is when the series takes place in the Marvel universe

The first episode of the series Moon Knight received acclaim from netizens and Marvel fans alike, though many questions are still pending on it. We can at least answer one of them: when does the series take place, on the MCU timeline ?

Series Moon Knight by Marvel Studios

Recently, Ethan Hawkewho plays the villain named Arthur Harrow in the series, revealed that Moon Knight was the production with the greatest creative freedom he had ever experienced.

Ethan Hawke spoke on the subject with The Hollywood Reporter and unveiled behind the scenes of the series:

For much of my career, the more the budget went up, the more the fear quotient went up, and from those in charge, there was a lot less creativity on set because there was a lot of fear. But the success that Marvel has achieved allows them to be confident and not to be afraid. (…) They have enormous faith and believe in the ability of the actor to contribute. (…) Oscar gave his all in this role. At one point, when Oscar and I were rehearsing, I said to him: “Do you realize how nice they are? They believe in us so much that if it doesn’t work out, it’s our fault. We can’t blame anyone.” (Laughs) But it’s really rewarding as a performer. Yes, you have to work in their kitchen, but they’ll let you work.

Ethan Hawke therefore full of praise for the way the filming of Moon Knight, and that’s not the only information we’ve gotten regarding the series. We also learned when the latter was taking place, on the MCU timeline.

When exactly takes place Moon Knight on the MCU timeline?

According to recent information revealed by Disney+series Moon Knight would take place some time later Hawkeye. Hawkeye took place during Christmas period 2024so it would be logical that Moon Knight takes place at spring 2025. We will certainly be sure after a few episodes, which should give us more details. on Steven Grant and Marc Spector.

Also, if you’re afraid to have been a little dropped by the first episode of the seriesdon’t worry: we’ve written a guide to the first episode that goes over the details and references that you shouldn’t miss, so that you can apprehend serenely next week’s episode.


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