Moon Knight: this detail that no one saw in episode 4 could reveal the arrival of an iconic character

Moon Knight: this detail that no one saw in episode 4 could reveal the arrival of an iconic character

While it is only two episodes away from concluding its first (and only?) season, the series Moon Knight still has many secrets for us to discover. You may have missed one of them in episode 4. One clue in particular could indeed announce the arrival of a Marvel comics character in the MCU.

The arrival of a new character announced in the last episode of Moon Knight ?

It has been a long time since a Marvel series had such critical success with the press and the public: Moon Knight is a real cardboard since the release of its first episode on Disney +. While we will finally know the final outcome in a little over a week, back to episode 4. aired last week, as usual, this one is full of small details and other winks that we have listed for you in this article.

But there is another very specific detail that we had not mentioned and which could however be a harbinger of great news for the MCU: during their exploration of the tomb in episode 4, Layla and Steven discover the existence of a Heka priestess. (an Egyptian deity personifying magic) watching over the tomb of Alexander the Great.

When we know this, if we know the lore of the Marvel universe well, it is then legitimate to wonder if the MCU could not soon welcome the powerful Heka-Nut, a wizard born thousands of years ago who, following his corruption by the Egyptian god of chaos Keku, could have somehow become Thanos before his time.

a major element introduced for the MCU sequel?

In the Marvel comics, Heka-Nut was a brilliant wizard, extremely powerful, who served as an intermediary between four gods. Corrupted by one of them, he embarked on a quest very similar to that of Thanos in Phase III of the MCU with the stones of infinity. In effect, he went in search of four very powerful artifacts: Ihe Cornerstones of Creation (“Cornerstones of Creation”): the Ebony Rose, the Serpent’s Crown, the Bone Sword and the Darkhold (an obscure grimoire). Taken together, these magical artifacts created by the Earthly Elder Gods would make their possessor exceedingly powerful, like the Infinity Gauntlet possessed by Thanos in the MCU.

And if these Cornerstones of Creation precisely replaced the stones of infinity, to become the centerpieces at the heart of the general plot of the next films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? After all, if the search for these artifacts by the wizard Heka-Nut dates back thousands of years in the comics, it is easy to imagine the many screenplay tricks possibly envisaged by the screenwriters in order to make it all possible, all the more so with the multiverse begging to be exploited more than ever.

Remember, however, that this is only a theory. certainly tempting, but for the moment totally hypothetical. It could more simply be, as has already been the case in the past, a reference to a Marvel character appeared in the comics, but which will not make its way to the MCU.

So, do you think this theory holds water, or is it just an easter-egg? Anyway, if you want to be sure that you have understood everything from episode 4 of Moon Knightwe invite you to read our article on the subject!


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