Moon Knight (Disney +): Oscar Isaac had this preferential treatment compared to the other actors of the MCU

Moon Knight (Disney +): Oscar Isaac had this preferential treatment compared to the other actors of the MCU

Moon Knightthe new series from Marvel Studios, entered the Disney+ catalog on March 30, 2022. We follow the adventures of Steven Grant, a museum employee who shares her body with Marc Spector, a masked mercenary and vigilante played by Oscar Isaac. If fiction already seems to seduce critics, it is not certain that the character of Moon Knight subsequently integrates the MCU. And for good reason, the actor signed a contract very different from that of his colleagues with Marvel…

Moon Knight on Disney+, a series different from other Marvel fictions

After Wanda Vision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki or HawkeyeMCU fans were able to discover a new series from Marvel Studios on Disney+. Moon Knight is available on the catalog since March 30, 2022 and unveils a new episode of the adventures of Steven Grant and Marc Spector one per week. As a reminder, the series is centered on a certain Steven Grant, a simple museum employee passionate about Egyptian culture and mythology. Suffering from sleep disorders, he learns during his nocturnal epics that he actually shares his body with Marc Spector aka Moon Knight, a mercenary under the rule of an Egyptian god called Khonshu.

Unlike other Marvel Studios fiction, Moon Knight contains very few references to MCU movies or characters. This is not the only element that invites us to question the future of the hero within the franchise, since Oscar Isaac, the interpreter of the mercenary, also reveals to have received preferential treatment which does not oblige him to resume his role at the end of season 1.

Oscar Isaac Isn’t Committed to Marvel Beyond Season 1 Moon Knight

Interviewed by varietythe actor confided not be under contract with Marvel Studios beyond the end of season 1 of Moon Knight : “I had heard of the golden handcuffs. It was something I was reluctant to do. And thankfully, we all agreed that this series was going to be what we were going to focus on. It’s history. And if there’s any future, I think it’s going to depend on whether people want to see more. If we find a story worth telling.” So if he doesn’t close the door on returning as Moon Knight in other MCU projects, however, he is not obliged to do so.

Faced with certain complaints from long-time actors in contracts with Marvel, Kevin Feige announced in the summer of 2021 his desire to review certain clauses of its agreements. From now on, actors and actresses are no longer forced to commit to the franchise for several years. However, we imagine that, given the positive reviews received by Moon Knightthe boss of Marvel Studios will do his best to keep Oscar Isaac on his team. With the introduction of the multiverse into No Way Homethe narrative possibilities for his character are multiple.


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