Marvel: this event proves that Thor is much stronger in the movies than in the comics

Marvel: this event proves that Thor is much stronger in the movies than in the comics

The advantage with superheroes is that you never know how far their superpowers can reach and how powerful they are capable of being. In the case of Thor (soon to be back in Love and Thunder), this one was particularly impressive within the MCU, which obviously took some liberties with the comics.

The liberties taken by the MCU

A true pop culture phenomenon, the Marvel Cinematic Universe generates billions of dollars in revenue and attracts millions of moviegoers to theaters. If all MCU projects are not equal, Marvel Studios can still boast of having put characters and adventures at the forefront. hitherto often known only to hardcore comic book superhero fans.

This does not prevent the studios from taking certain liberties, as was notably the case with Thor in Avengers: Infinity War, in which the God of Thunder has shown himself to be more powerful and resistant than the comics foreshadowed. We see him go to the heart of Nidavellir, a neutron star populated by Dwarfs, in order to forge a new weapon after being defeated for the first time by Thanos. To do this, he must suck the energy out of it, which he manages to do without too much difficulty. Quite the opposite of what happened in the comic Iron Man Flight. 2 #6.

the event that proves that Thor is more powerful in the mcu

With Marvel, it’s hard to know what’s canon or not, which version of which event or character to consider as the most important. Comics number in the thousands, and they all present us with alternate versions of the characters we thought we knew so well. In 1997, for example, Marvel Comics published the sixth numberIron Man Flight. 2, in which the power of Thor is much less impressive than what we have seen in the MCU and more particularly in Avengers: Infinity War.

In this comic, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four are reunited on an island that serves as a base. At its center is an energetic heart working with gamma radiation, but it overheats and threatens to cause a nuclear catastrophe. To solve the problem, Thor volunteers to get there and turn it off. But once there, he discovers that the task is not that easy and Iron Man himself warns him, explaining to him that his own armor would not withstand the extreme heat caused by the radiation and that Being the God of Thunder won’t change anything.

Stubborn, Thor tries despite everything to do his best and ends up fainting, just like the Thing, which had accompanied her. They would have died if the Hulk hadn’t come to save them. So if the energy of an energetic heart is enough to defeat Thor, he should never have survived the star Nidavellir… If everything was connected. Fortunately, as we have already said, Marvel Studios allows itself many liberties. And they’re right: the comics themselves contradict each other time and time again in multiple ways. The screenwriters themselves had justified themselves explaining that Thor”is really strong” and “his flesh is really hard to break. That’s why he can survive in space, that’s why he can be hit by the Star when he’s at Eitri’s Forge “.


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