Marvel: Bruce Banner loses control and unleashes all the power buried in the Hulk

Marvel: Bruce Banner loses control and unleashes all the power buried in the Hulk

The Green Titan, the Jade Colossus, the Green King, the Green Scar… Hulk has many nicknames related to his appearance, but it is above all for his incredible power that the Marvel superhero is particularly famous. And if you thought that power and rage couldn’t get any more awesome than it already is, yet it just reached new heights.

Hulk, ever more powerful

If he is appeared in several film projects since the beginning of the 2000s and in particular in 2008 in The Incredible Hulk as Edward Norton, it is especially his version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that is the best known. Difficult, today, not to associate the terrible beast with actor Mark Ruffalo since the first avengers in 2012.

But beyond the big screen (and soon the small with she hulk), Hulk also continues to evolve in its original medium: comics. First appeared in The Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #1 in 1962, the character regularly has the right to series. The latest, whose publication began last year, is simply called Hulk.

Yesterday, the fifth issue of this series of comics was published by Marvel. The opportunity for author Donny Cates to reveal a more dangerous version than ever of the Jade Colossus. And if you feel like you hear that with every new production centered on the all-green superhero, it’s because Marvel is always pushing the rage he can show off. In Hulk #5, so, here is Bruce Banner losing control of his creature and that the latter becomes so powerful that it comes to fight unimaginable creatures.

a loss of control that could wreak havoc

In the latest series of comics Hulk As of date, Bruce Banner is learning to control the Green Titan in a novel way. Indeed, this one controls it from the interior of its psyche, thanks to an engine room from which it “pilots”, in a way. To fuel his rage, he uses a version of the superhero in the real Hulk’s psyche. This one fights in an arena against enemies all more devious than each other, that giant version of Wolverine. Yes, it’s a bit far-fetched.

With every battle the Hulk wins in the real superhero’s psyche, the arena goes to the next level and new, even more formidable enemies appear, like a video game. But everything goes wrong when the scientist Betty Ross arrives and makes Bruce Banner lose control. She then brutally raises the levels of the arena, forcing the psychedelic version of the Hulk to battle demons.

This therefore means that the real Hulk’s rage is about to spiral absolutely out of control and it’s a safe bet that in the next issue of the comics, it will be particularly devastating and attack anyone who has the misfortune to cross its path. Because if he can beat demons, who knows what he is now capable of? Maybe he will manage to surprise us even more than his deadliest version of all time!


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