M6 makes us happy with these two Disney-Pixar evenings

M6 makes us happy with these two Disney-Pixar evenings

If you’re a big fan of animated movies, you’re probably a Disney+ subscriber. If this is not the case, then you need to be attentive to the TV program in order to unearth the little nuggets sometimes broadcast by certain channels. On this subject, we have good news for you: M6 will broadcast two Disney animated films at the end of the month! And by anyone.

Disney, still popular

In the (not so) small world of animated films, Disney clearly crushes the competition. Certainly, there are very good productions elsewhere, but few are those to provoke as much enthusiasm as films produced by Walt Disney Pictures, or Pixar. Even today, each new release is an event, and the recent Red alert straight out of Pixar studios is no exception to the rule.

And if one imagines that fans or parents who have children at home subscribe to Disney+, others may be put off by the idea of ​​subscribing to a streaming service such as this. We must then turn to our good old French television, which broadcasts very good quality animated films at fairly regular intervals. At the end of the month, two relatively recent Disney projects will notably be broadcast on M6: Finding Dory and Zootopia!

Two Disney classics in two nights

Unless you are particularly demanding, it is difficult to ignore your pleasure in front of animated feature films such as Finding Dory and zootopia. Maybe not absolutely perfect, they’re still very good entertainment that you can follow in prime time on May 26 and 27 on M6.

On the 26th, first, it’s at 9:10 p.m. that you can (re)immerse yourself in Finding Dory (2016). Sequel to the cult film Finding Nemo released in 2003, this one features the endearing blue fish with immediate memory problems who tries to find the trace of his parents with the help of the famous clownfish and his father.

The next day is again at 9:10 p.m. that you will have to be well installed on your sofa to follow the little bunny lieutenant Judy Hopps tries to impose herself, with the help of the cunning but charming fox Nick Wilde, in zootopia (2016). The opportunity to rediscover a story that is both funny and touching, but also a cult scene that will never make you see sloths the same way again.

See you on May 26 and 27 at 9:10 p.m. on M6 to see or see these two Disney classics again!


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