LEGO Harry Potter The Hogwarts Express: revive the famous train of the saga

LEGO Harry Potter The Hogwarts Express: revive the famous train of the saga

There are many LEGO sets from the Harry Potter saga, but the Hogwarts Express set is really cool and will be a perfect collector’s item. In addition, at the moment it enjoys a small reduction that will please fans and collectors alike.

LEGO The Hogwarts Express: a collector’s item

The and LEGO The Hogwarts Express allows you to relive the adventures of the famous wizard while having fun since to rebuild this emblematic train, you will have to be patient with the 801 pieces that you will find in its box.

It’s not just about the train with a carriage, there’s also the King’s Cross Station featuring a railway bridge, clock, steps leading to the platform, moving brick entrance, the Wanted poster, and the Daily Prophet. Regarding the train, it has a side panel and a removable roof.

This set also includes 5 figures:

  • Harry Potter,
  • Ron Weasley,
  • Hermione Granger,
  • Remus Lupin,
  • the cart witch,
  • a Dementor,
  • and Scabbers

LEGO Hogwarts Express measures over 3” (9cm) high, 18” (46cm) high and 1” (5cm) wide.

Instead of 89.99 euros as on the official website, you can order it for 72 euros by HERE. And to complete your collection, there is also Hogsmeade Village.

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