LEGO Han Solo: this Brickheadz Star Wars set is superb

LEGO Han Solo: this Brickheadz Star Wars set is superb

In the universe Star Wars, there are many characters more charismatic than each other and LEGO has decided to pay homage to them through the Brickheadz collection. The latter allows you to rebuild a figurine and here we are talking about Han Solo from the saga Star Wars.

LEGO Han Solo: a cult character

In the saga Star Warsthe name of Han Solo comes back very often and if you are a fan of the character, here is a great LEGO set that allows you to build the latter in the form of a figurine. The LEGO Han Solo is priced at 29 euros.

If you like them Funko Pop, this set LEGO is largely inspired by it and the characters are stuffed with many authentic details of the saga Star Wars like his famous brown leather jacket, his multifunction belt and his pistol. To assemble this set, you must assemble 141 pieces and you can even display it thanks to its collector’s base.

We also have another LEGO set to present to you, that of Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder.

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